BSR Update

I’ve just received some advice that BSR are updating their software and current PPC owners may be able to get this upgrade for free. I’m sure the applicable PPC owners will get an email about it soon.

Often, PPC upgrades from BSR offer a slight tweak that will change either the power or torque. It might be an increase in both, or change in the curve.

This one’s a little different…..

The upgrade is for Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan or Sport Combi owners with either the 1.8t (150Hp), 2.0t (175Hp), 2.0T (210Hp) or 2.8T (250Hp) engines. The big difference with this update is that it lets you select your own speed limiter maximum!

You can choose between 140, 220, 240 or 270 km/h. Why you’d choose 140 is a little beyond me, but the others could be useful, in an Autobahn unrestricting (or restricting) kind of way.


I haven’t looked as it’s always been irrelevant to me, but what to 9-3 SS and SC speedometers go up to?

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  1. Well, actually. BSR released an update to 9-3 2007—> (Biopower). 220Bhp on both E85 and gasoline. 1.8t owners who have 200hp stage 1 gets the new SW with 220bhp for free.. So 220bhp for both 2.0t and 1.8t

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