Can’t get enough of that engine!!

Alex, the owner of THAT Saab 900 has shot through a few more photos.

Here’s one for the engine buffs out there, and I know there’s a few of you.


Alex Saab 900

I’m interested in the DI cover there. I know Alex replaced the original 8-valve with a 16 valve, but the DI’s not something that’s common on 16v 900s. Or am I missing something here?

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  1. as you look closely at the picture, you can see the ignition leads at the cowlplate. My guess is that he removed all plastic and electronic stuff from the DI, leaving just a metal plate. Since engine architecture has not changed that much, I bet it will fit like a glove

  2. Well, his setup has a number of differences from mine — the turbocharger isn’t in the same place, and I don’t see the ignition wires from the distributor, so perhaps he fitted a 9000 engine into the car?

    Additionally, I don’t see the intercooler anywhere; that’s not unusual since some engines don’t have one at all.

  3. Looks like the distributor drive has been adapted to serve some other function, or maybe that’s just a fancy way of capping the original distributor.

  4. Looks like he is using the 9000 DI set up… early T5. Also looks like he has a FMIC.

    I rememebr seeing the car in Sweden, but never got to see under the bonnet.

    Awesome sled tho! A credit to Alex!


  5. I didn’t even look out the back! Yes, he’s got an electronic ignition system fitted; I’m going to guess that it’s aftermarket. Definitely not standard for C900.

  6. Thats probably an after market direct ignition. The SAAB direct ignition has always been a cassette mounted directly above the plugs, eliminating spark plug wires, to my knowledge.

    Direct ignitions have been widely available as aftermarket items for years. I had an electromotive crank triggered direct ignition in my ’73 96.

    Maybe mine even predated SAABs?

    It cost a fortune at the time but the other option was an overpriced rebuilt Bosch distributer from some graphic artist SAABer in the Pacific Northwest.

  7. trogg> have a closer look… the DI is mounted directly above the plugs on a c900 engine…. the c900 engine has always been slnated like that too. And as I said its probably an early 9000 di T5 system he has adapted 🙂

    nice work either way!

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