Detroit News test the 2008 9-3 SportCombi

Saab 9-3 SportCombiSportCombi owners – I’d like you to read this review, then smile. Then print this review and pass it out to anyone who asks about your car. Even those who don’t ask about it – give one to them too. Use the “Share this” button at the bottom of this post to send this article to your friends. Whatever, just share and enjoy.

It’s long been my contention that Saab’s provide the best combination of luxury, performance, safety and utility – let’s throw value in there as well. In the 2008 model year you get all those things plus a new look and a quieter ride. It’s a potent combination.

Scott Burgess from the Detroit News has driven the car for a week now, and it seems he might be thinking along similar lines:

Luxury – It’s a car that pampers your senses with luxury appointments while also feeding your adrenalin with power and performance.

Performance – The car whizzed through corners, its 17-inch alloy wheels biting down and never letting go. Even with a wheelbase stretching over 105 inches, its body hardly rolled in fast turns.

Safety – ….lots of safety devices, including electronic stability and traction control, driver and passenger front and side airbags.

Utility – The 9-3 sedan has 15 cubic feet of truck space, whereas the SportCombi offers 29.7 cubic feet with the second row up. Drop it, and you have 72.3 cubic feet available.

And I’m not picking the good bits out of a lukewarm review here.

I’ve long-held the belief that the 9-3 SportCombi is the closest thing in the current lineup to the classic 900. Burgess comments on it’s distinctive profile, is handling and as you can see above – it’s utility. The headline of the article even goes as far to call it the Anti-Crossover.

His dislikes:

a) the cupholder – it seems the strengthening of the core wasn’t enough for a Dunkin Donuts coffee

b) maybe the seat bolsters could have provided more support, but he considers it a minor point.

Click on through.

Read the review for yourself and see why the SportCombi has proven to be so popular. And if you’ve got one, you’ve earned yourself a smug five minutes or so.

Here’s the final word:

For someone looking for a car with European driving dynamics and Swedish sensibilities, the 2008 9-3 Aero SportCombi should be on the shopping list. It’s fun, stylish and has all the practicality of a crossover.

It just performs better than most.

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  1. 😀 In the pictures you´ll find a pic of TTiD engine and discription of Saab´s two liter petrol.

    Otherwise, great write – right from the headline!

  2. One of the few who gets it! Great write-up, not because I am in love with the product or have lived with it for many years, but purely because he wrote the truth from his real life experience. In any case, the negative of the coffee mug issue is really irrelevant as I for one, still need a place to buy the darn coffee from to complain in the first place about the size of the cupholder.

  3. That is a great review and you just have to appreciate someone that gets the utility of the wagon. I rarely use the dash cupholder, as the one in the center console seems a bit more stable. Perhaps he missed it or the manual trans shifter was in the way?

    One thing I really appreciate in this cooler weather is the heated seats – what a great option that is.

    He definitely must be dipping into the turbo quite a bit at 20mpg, but you are going have that. I am currently at around 23.5mpg which may be attributed to a more relaxed driving style since a Middleburg Heights police officer kindly informing me I was enjoying my turbo a bit too much. Maybe I need to be using that speed alarm as well….

  4. “It just performs better than most.”

    Forget Born From Jets, Move Your Mind or State of Independence, we have Saab’s new catchphrase right there.

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