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I know there’s still some 9-2x lovers out there, so here’s a SOTW shot for you. Sourced from Flickr.

Saab 9-2x

For all you aspiring photogs out there, this one’s a prime example of a situation where one would benefit from “dancing the three-step”.

That’s the name for a quick lesson a guy once gave me about making pictures. Frame up your shot, then frame it up again both three steps forward and three steps back from where you originally thought of taking it. It’s amazing, the different perspectives you can get.

In this case, I’m not a big fan of those weeds messing up the side of the car.

Just my 0.02c.


Saab UK almost got into some hot water over some BioPower promotional material recently:

A Saab advertising campaign went awry when a woman was hit in the face by a mechanical butterfly released by one of the company’s booklets.

Yet despite a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, the carmaker will not have to pull the promotion.

Yes. It’s the Bionic BioPower Butterfly Brigade!

The booklet, headlined ‘Why constrain the power of nature?’, featured an image of a butterfly on the front cover.

When unsuspecting recipients opened the brochure, an elastic band powered mechanical butterfly was released into the air.

The ASA complainant, whose wife was hit by the butterfly, objected that the inclusion of such a device was irresponsible because it could cause physical harm to the recipient.

Rumours of British husbands causing havoc for Saab GB’s servers in attempts to order the moth-flinging brochure are unsubstantiated at this point.


Thomas Owsianski is a name to watch out for. He’s heading up Saab’s marketing efforts in Germany.

Good luck, Thomas. May you never be accused of having too much success.


Paul has done a number of updated to the Classic Saab 900 website, featuring a number of rare Saab accessories, including a good collection of grilles amongst a multitude of other things.

Highly recommended for the C900 enthusiasts out there.


Finally, if you’re not checking out Sniff Petrol on a regular basis, why not? Most of the time it’s the only motoring website that truly makes sense. And in addition to faux-ads like the one below, their series on the Schumachers is hilarious.

Sniff petrol

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  1. Yeah, that one is great. I don’t think they ever made an ad for it, but I love how they say that the BMW Z4 looks like it’s already been in an accident (possibly because people love looking at NCAP test results).

  2. Ya know, that 9-2x is a SHARP people mover. The owner of this site should do some sort of homage to it, like a Saab of the week! But, I’m just saying… ya know, the most reliable Saab in history! It r0xXxErz my SoxXxErz. Wish I had one. But, I’m just saying…

    Quit boosting the 9-2x love, Nevitz 😉 – SW

  3. Nevitz, see the rear view and note how they added some Classic 900 Sedan DNA to the trunk lid… (apart from the emblems)

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