GLAM team coming second in class

One of the best bits of writing I’ve seen in a little while from TTAC covers the GLAM (Gay, Lesbian Auto Maniacs) team, who are competing in the Fireball rally in a Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible that they borrowed from SaabUSA.

The GLAM guys re actually coming second in the luxury class at this point. Unfortunately the Fireball website is such a shambles that I can’t tell you how long they’ve got to go, or even where they’re heading.

There’s a day-by-day (I’ll resist using Frank’s TTAC description) journal at Gaywheels for those who are interested.

Here’s the car:

GLAM Saab convertible


  1. [Seinfeld bass riff] [Swarthy man in white glowers.]

    “Stickers!! Who told you that you could ugly the 9-3 with those STICKERS, eh?

    No Saab for you!!”

    [Team Glam exits stage right, dropping the keys as they leave in shame.]

  2. It would have been a good idea for SAAB to somehow work a way to bring over a BioPower model and give them a map of waypoints to E85 stations. Then they could get double PR points…

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