Hello Volvo!

One of the fun things about having a stats package is that you can see where people are visiting the site from.

So today, we have to say a hearty hello to the people at Volvo that are secretly wishing they could be driving a Saab!

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Volvo visitors

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  1. SPYS!!! 😀

    To be honest, I don’t mind Volvos.

    If I can’t drive a SAAB, I’d drive an Alfa, If I can’t get an Alfa, I’d get a Volvo/ Audi instead.

    They are about 3rd choice cars for me.

  2. Volvo is OK. Alfa is better looking, but not many dealerships in Sweden. Citroën is a cool car with a personality. I would be looking at them, for sure. After that, maybe Mercedes or Honda. Audi or BMW? Absolutely not. 🙂

  3. Actually, and this is a bit sad in this context, Volvo-IT is one of the larger IT outsourcing partners in Sweden. They compete directly with IBM and CMG-Logica, and have nothing to do with Volvo other than the fact that they used to be Volvo’s in-house IT-department.

  4. Well, TrakDah is probably right, but the domain in question is volvo.com, which still isn’t volvocars.com. Volvo Group consists of the truck, bus, marine power and heavy equipment businesses.

    Still funny though!

  5. I would rank as follows: SAAB, Mercedes (actually, our other car is a Mercedes), and then Volvo. The new S80 is a fine car, and I hope the safety features: BLIS, Adaptive Cruise Control with Brake Assist, and Front/Rear Park Assist with Back-up Camera make it into the next gen 9-5 and even the next gen 9-3!

  6. actually… I don’t know if SAAB would be always my first choice.
    Due to the fact that they only have a small range of cars – which compete with much bigger brands in the business – and the comparetively long product life-cycles you sometime get the feeling of having bought second best.
    In fact, many of my friends are mocking about my interest in SAAB – especially the guys up here in Sweden (I’m originally from the car origin itself, Germany).
    Although I never owned a SAAB myself, I drove a few for a short time in each case and I would be pretty happy owning one BUT would it be the real and objective best choice?
    … I am not that sure about that…
    You get to know the age of the 9-5. The front does not fit to the rest of the car. On the inside you can see screws which are covered with simple caps (without these caps it would have the standard of a Chinese car). The simple FWD is not state of the art anymore and the engines are too small.
    The 9-3 got a new face. Nice, but nothing more than that. In comparison to an Audi A4 it looks small, the interior quality is worse and also the list of options (colours inside and outside, … and technology is worse than in an Opel (they have adjustable suspension, heated steering wheel, seats with 8-way-adjustability and on and on and on).
    The reputation in Germany was set up in the 1980ies when SAABs were sporty, powerful and individual – nowadays the individuality is reduced to a weird face on the 9-5 and to alloy wheels. Everything was watered down due to cost reasons and the “better Opel” (as they were called in the 1990ies) is even behind…
    What can be done?
    1. Stop the “Born from jets”-crap. Actually BMW, Rolls-Royce and Spyker are also born from jets. – And these cars are much more attractive (as it can be easily shown by the amount of admiring people)
    2. Where is a tabacco-brown interior? A dark green paint for outside? The adaptive criuse-control? The cornering-headlamps for the 9-5? The turbo engine for the 9-7X? The competitor for the S4/S6/AMG-Merc/M-BMW? – These very few TurboXs will simply be blow away…
    3. A car based on the Astra should compete with the A3, 2-series and the Golf. – The SUV-hype is nearly over. Just outdated people will buy them from now onwards… due to the reason that they are ugly (take a look at the Q7) and uneconomic…
    4. Become leader in some market segments and get rid of the blind following… the 9-4X will be releleased too late. Even the Koreans have entered the market with a whole bunch of cars, so: who will buy the SAAB then? There’s simply no customer left.
    5. Improve your total quality. The most beautiful 9-5 (MY 2002 to 2005) was blown by the general tendency to break down. That was the only thing mentioned about these cars in the German motor press. – I drove an Aero then, it was simply beautiful, but… yeah… I’m hoping for the best.

  7. Let me post my ranking for new cars as well (from the small to the bigger ones):
    Renault Clio
    Opel/Vauxhall Astra or Renault Megane
    Saab 9-3 XWD
    Volvo S60/V70 (the “classic”)
    Citroen C6/Lancia Thesis
    Audi A/S8
    Due to the fact that I’m still a student, I would end up with one of the two first or simply a used car (Opel, Renault, SAAB, Volvo). By now I’m damned to walk around or to take the bus.

  8. Don’t we all Richo.

    FWIW: My rotating pool of ” cars that I don’t mind and would probably or have actually paid for”:


    I don’t like everything each of these make but have at least a couple of favourites in there.

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