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Hi all,

I mentioned a little while ago that I’m working on a new website, one that will compliment this one. I’d like your help if that’s OK.

The new site is more of a testimonial and historical site. It’ll be much slower moving that this site and is more about the meaning of Saab ownership, as well as the company and the cars. There’ll be no news there, but more of the rich and storied history of this great little car company.

Where I need your help is in designing how the information on the site will be organised. The format that I’ve chosen limits me to six categories of information.

I’m thinking of the following, but obviously will need to whittle this list back if I’m to keep it to six (which I need to do).

    The cars
    The company
    The personalities
    The owners
    The stories
    The philosophy

There’s probably a few more I could add, but they’re the basics I’ve come up with so far. I need to get it down to six. If you have any suggestions as to the best six to express and explore the Saab brand, I’d be glad to hear your reasoning as to why.

And if you’ve got ideas about ones I may have missed, please feel free to add them in too.

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  1. 1. The cars (sub-categories: owners + stories + testimonial)
    2. The company (sub-category: philosophy)
    3. Innovation
    4. Competition
    5. Design
    6. Resources (sub-categories: Imagery + Bibliography)

  2. 1. The Company
    2. The Cars
    3. The Technology
    4. The Victories
    5. The Personalities
    6. The Owners

    …with sub-categories in the first three…

  3. As a applied psychology professional I would say a new site to complement Trollhattansaab must stand out in many respects in comparion to other SAAB sites.
    Aiming towards the soul and “core values” is the way to go. Looking up interesting personalities and historical events and stories. Everybody likes to read a great story. Storytelling techniques is really the key for many companies nowadays in buliding meta values surrounding the brand. SAS airlines and IKEA are really into this. This is work that SAAB has neglected. Stories that hit You right in solar plexus (center of the tummy), then You know that is a good story.

    My list is as follows:

    1. The People
    2. The Stories
    3. The History
    4. Cars / picture galleries with technical data
    5. Bibliography
    6. No need for more. (less is beautiful 😉 )

  4. as a ‘newbie’ to the world of Saab, I can tell you what attracted me to read about the company – and what interested me when I bought my first Saab – almost two years ago (guess I’m not much of a newbie anymore…)

    1. The cars – important – why are they different? What is it that made that test-ride so amazing?
    2. Testimonial – very important!
    3. Competition – how they compared to the Beemers was a big consideration
    4. The philosophy – very relevant

    Less important to me:
    The company – a little interesting…
    The personalities – immaterial, didn’t care
    The owners – I began to identify with them only after a while
    Innovation – interesting, but not instrumental to my purchasing (I didn’t care so much about what they did ‘back then’, but, rather, ‘what do they have today?’)
    The stories – not interested initially
    Design – never liked the old stuff, and wasn’t too taken by the current designs
    Imagery – needed improvement, I thought
    Bibliography – wasn’t interested

    hope that helps, Swade

  5. I think that ctm hit it although personalities and owners are kind of one and the same, just call it People. Like denvernewbie says make it short and go to five.

  6. Thanks… Maybe (as you say) put them together as The People and maybe have a number 6 for all resources like image, video, books (don’t know what to call it…).

  7. I think (from a web design point of view) that you could get away with just four:

    1. The cars
    2. The philosophy
    3. The personalities
    4. The owners

    The remaining aspects can be “categories”.

    What is important about SAAB? The company? No … the company was founded by 17 engineers, blah blah blah … there you go … it’s the personalities.

    So, what’s important? Well, the cars. Right! And? The owners? Right!

    Competition … what’s important? The cars … The Monte Carlo 96, the Talladega 9000s, Stig’s 99? Right! Oh … there we go … Personalities … Carlsson and Blomqvist … and Eklund, of course 🙂

    So, what makes a SAAB? Well … the design philosophy, of course! Innovation and design are just two facets of the philosophy: The SAAB Way.

    Why are SAAB so popular? The owners, of course. Us. We own, we drive, we evangelise. There’s the testimonials, websites, forums, etc … but they could easily be categories of the cars or the owners.

  8. 1. Cars
    2. Philosophy
    3. Stories/Testimonials
    4/5/6. Whatever you want, but consider not using all six (don’t dilute your message).

  9. me, I would go for
    1 – The cars inc design
    2 – The company inc Innovation
    3 – The personalities inc The owners which could also inc The stories
    4 – Competition
    5 – Imagery
    6 – Testimonial

  10. Thanks everyone for your input. Some good things to think about here.

    in short, i don’t think the layout is going to be friendly toward the notion of sub-categories, but I’ll see what I can do. I’m starting a course in PHP soon, so I may be able to write the code myself in 10 weeks time!!

    I think there’s definitely some areas where the categories I listed cross over, so it’ll be likely that things are combined.

    Paul H, you’ve definitely given me food for thought there. I thought it would be very difficult to limit the categories to six, let alone four, but you make a very good case there.

  11. I like CTM’s list best, but could I suggest under “The Cars” a gallery of all models with lots of LARGE pics, as in desktop size?

  12. Well, it would be easier for me to pick six if I knew why it was limited to six, but that’s just me.

    It has to have cars, company, stories, and philosophy, and I’d also toss in design and testimonials.

  13. Jeff, it’s purely becuase the design I’m using for the site will work best with six categories, at most. The aesthetics are important to me on this one, so I’d like to keep the number within 4-6, with six being the most.

  14. The company
    The personalities
    The owners
    The stories
    The philosophy

    These would be my choices. There already is a lot of technical and other information about the cars themselves. As far as Imagery goes, there already is another wonderful site somewhere out there.. 😉 I agree with others that less is more. Sometimes too much information and categories makes it difficult to focus on the subject.

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