Hobart Saab dealer amping it up

I drove past our local dealer on the weekend and saw something I thought I’d never see – a good sized section of their ample showroom housing Saabs. I was so excited by it that I had to walk up there this morning and snap off a photo.

Hobart Saab Dealer

What you can see here is about half of the main street frontage, and as you can see, there’s three Saabs in the front window there. There’s a SportCombi parked behind them.

To the right of the ‘arch’ you’ll also notice the very, very evil and un-environmental advertisement for the Grrrrreen campaign that Saab are running and behind that ad are another four Saabs. That’s eight in total, which is at least 4 more than I’ve ever seen in the showroom in the past.

I haven’t had too much to do with the new staff there since my main contact at the dealer, Tony B, left to take up the BMW job a few months ago. Word has it that they’ve been selling well, though. The introduction of diesel here in Australia has been a positive thing and I’ve seen a few of those on the streets in the last few months.

I even saw my first facelifted 9-5 about three weeks ago!

It’s a heartening thing to see Saab so well represented in the showroom there. That particular showroom has been operating for almost a year now, and when it was first built, Tony wanted to have that section for Saabs, but was told that he couldn’t.

Saabs were assigned a strip in the middle of the showroom – a straight line behind the Grrrrreen ad you see on the window, above. That strip allowed room for 3 or 4 cars only and as you can see, the Saab’s weren’t particularly visible from the street (it’s a one way street).

I don’t know if this boosted presence is something that will be retained, but it’s a good thing for the time being, at least.

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  1. Good news Swade, but obviously just filling space til the Hummers arrive.

    Have you noticed that City Saab has finally re-opened on Swan St, Richmond.

  2. Given the 3-4 they used to have where in the middle section of the showroom and all but hidden to ongoing traffic (one way road) by that wall next to the recessed entrance, it is good news. Shame they weren’t able to bolt on the Saab sign from the old showroom to the side of the building (Tony said it was a council thing) because all that Holden signage could give people the wrong idea…

  3. If this was a shared dealer in the UK one side would be a dedicated Saab section fully signed etc. In fact I doubt Saab UK would allow their cars to displayed this way. Still it is a step in the right direction.

  4. There is a Saab sign on the side of the building, to the left of what you see here. It’s not visible from the front, but is seen by the traffic coming down the one-way street (3 or 4 lanes and quite busy in the morning).

  5. Wow I’m going to have to talk a closer look next time I’m heading down Macquarie St. Last time I was their they only had 2 diesel 9-3’s on display. Hopefully those Hummers end up in the existing space for the Saabs.

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