I am Green. With envy.

This was sent in as a Saab O The Week shot, though I’m more inclined to use it as a story of the week.

As much as I like the Saab 9-5 and as much as I adore Hirsch’s work, I don’t think the two necessarily gel in this shot. I’m not sure they’re the best wheels for this car, fine as it is.

This one is a 300hp Hirsch model, and was sent in by Andrew.

Hirsch Saab 9-5

As mentioned, the car is very nice indeed, but it’s Andrew’s story that really got me hooked, and I’ve got to say that if you physically resemble me in any way, Andrew, then watch your back as there could be some identity theft going on in the near future.


I am a regular reader from the UK and am lucky enough to run the aftersales side of one of the biggest independent dealers in the country, Cambridge Saab.

That means i get to drive pretty much what i like and my car of choice is usually 9-5 Aero. This car is one that has sadly gone to a new owner (I usually get through 6-8 new cars a year) but it had the 300bhp hirsch upgrade and all the usual refinements. Needless to say a new car is on the way, this time in black with the Hirsch dust sprinkled over it. This should see me through to the Turbo X in spring.

This was one of my favourite shots of the car.

Andrew, you’re one heck of a lucky guy. Whatever it is that you UK Saabers are doing over there, keep doing it well. Thanks for the pic and making me eternally jealous.

Kaz, you now appear to have a rival in the vehicle turnover stakes!

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  1. Andrew, I so feel for you — having to go through 6-8 new vehicles a year. Oh, the pain! =-) Lucky guy! Thanks for sharing the story and pics, swade!

  2. Heh heh 🙂 Indeed I do 🙂

    6-8 cars is more than I run through 🙂

    I usually go through about 2-3.

    I finally have a pick up date for the new ‘vert 🙂 17th October at approximately 1.20pm 🙂 I’m going to take a video and some pics at the day of pick up. But, don’t expect too much, as this is done through GM’s company scheme the handover usually takes place in a warehouse at one of the GM sites.

    We’ve also got a Vauxhall Astra arriving in a week or two, needed something more practical for the wife to use and for the impending arrival of mini Kaz or indeed, mini Kaz-ette. We decided not to find out the gender of the baby, keeping it a surprise.

    My next task is to try whatever I can to source a Turbo X sport combi through the GM scheme. Being a limited edition, they may not allow it, but I sooooooooo hope they do 🙂 :). That particular mission will begin about a week or two after I get the new ‘vert on the 17th :).

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