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If my writing here seems a little downbeat and depressed between now and November 25, it’s because between now and November 24 we here in Australia will be subjected to the TV and print media in full federal election mode.

Six weeks of hell.


All you Saab 9-5 owners-and-tinkerers should add infocog to your RSS feed.

It’s a fairly new site run by a Saab 9-5 owner who likes to play around with his car a bit and record his fixit experiences.

The stock air filter box on the SAAB 9-5 muffles most of the sound from the turbo. Replacing it with a universal high flow air filter lets loose the sound from the turbo. Any compact “cone” style filter with a 3 inch connector will fit and the difference in sound is dramatic.

Sound interesting? Full instructions with photos are included.


Note: Dmitry’s also bought a 9-5 to replace his SOC-wrecked 9-3 Convertible, so you’ve got two sources to satisfy your 9-5 fixing/modding fetish.


Royal Ford of the Boston Globe is answering a grab-bag of reader questions:

Question: Regarding the review of the new Saab 9-3 all-wheel-drive system, is that the same system that was in the Saab 9-2?

Answer: No. The Saab 9-2 was basically a Subaru WRX in Saab clothing. The new Saabs will feature the latest generation of Haldex all-wheel-drive systems.

I drove the 9-2 up the Mount Washington Auto Road, at full throttle. It was a blast. I drove the new Haldex on test courses in Sweden, and it was far superior.


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  1. I’ve done the open air filter modification on my 9-5 Aero. The resulting sound is quite noticeable. People keep asking me if I have an after-market blow-off valve. It also improves throttle response noticeably.

  2. It’s something I’ll definitely do with the Viggen, too, Greg. I’ve heard some adverse reports about hotter air lessening the turbo boost, but given Tassie’s cooler climate I think I’ll be ok.

  3. That’s quite an interesting blog. Thanks for the link, Swade. And thanks for the plug too ;]

    One issue I see with this kind of air filter install is that the filter will keep rattling inside the wheel well. The hose is only attached to the turbo inlet pipe, so the engine movement and vibration will be amplified by the weight of the filter and the MAF sensor hanging on it. This will result in more rattles and extra strain on the hose.

    Taliaferro sells a kit that includes a stainless adapter, which bolts on to the bracket of the old airbox, firmly securing everything. It comes with a much larger K&N filter too, judging buy the pictures in this write-up. Other than that, the installation is the same.

    I also have the step-by-step guides for both the Taliaferro intake kit install

    and for the Aero airbox snorkel for those who like a quiet ride:

  4. Wow, that 9-2x is making noize everywhere. Certainly, Saab is bringing that car back in the lineup for 2009!


    That 9-2x was like a good steak dinner. Not the Golden Corral type, I mean the Ruth’s Chris type. Sure, it tasted great, the atmosphere was perfect, you looked good and the beautiful woman you were with made it worth the while — but you kinda wish you didn’t spend all of what you did on it.

    (Wow, was that a hell of a bad metaphor, or what?)

    If anyone compares it to Chinese take-out, you are done for! 😉

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