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Oceans 13 – two thumbs up from me. Loved the Godfather references!


We Australians are known for having a few rough edges at times and calling a spade a spade when required. Team Ethanol call out some of the disorganisation in the World Solar Challenge in true Aussie style:

The Production Class Award is the one that I really have a problem with. It should have been won by the Swiss Twike Team and instead was won by the Smart ForTwo Car. According to the WSC convenor it won because, and I quote, “every time it makes an appearance it makes a statement”. Good grief, is that the most technical judging criterion you’ve ever heard, or what! This was also the only Greenfleet car to be non-compliant with the compulsory WSC signage and rarely even bothered to turn up at the compulsory community events. You’ve probably seen these cars around, tiny and very upright with a flat back. And by the way in my opinion, the statement it makes is, “God I’m ugly and my bum fell off”.

He he he.


Want to know what it’s like waiting 75 days to get your 2008 Saab 9-3 Convertible?

Read about it here. TS regular ‘Gryphon’ is now a Saab-blogger!


We told you so….

Despite the additional room in the back seat of the Jaguar, Andy Rupert’s kids miss the Saab they used to have.

Come back into the fold, Andy. All is forgiven 😉


Now that all that Black Turbo hooplah is over and done with properly, it’s time for a month of Saab loving once again.

RJ has set down a challenge. This is his 9-5 SEDAN fitting in 7 bags of garden waste as well as few odds and ends. You hatch owners can surely do better than that!

November 2007 is the month of hatch loving!!!!

99 hatches, 900 hatches, 9-3 hatches, 9000 hatches. Bring ’em out, fill ’em up (optional) or just show ’em off….

9-5 bigmouth

9-5 bigmouth2

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  1. I was watching television late last night and had to watch Shaun of the Dead again. It was being shown un-cut (it was late at night when the little ones should be in bed anyway) except for commercial breaks.

    In the film the character “Ed” gets all excited because he gets to drive an old Jaguar XJ. I guess I understand how some people don’t get the “Saab thing”. I have no idea how anyone can get excited about a Jag XJ. They’re apparently zombie-proof though as Ed was driving through them like they were a points game!

    Andy, come back to the “light side”. You need a hatch in honor of TS “hatch month”. I suggest a ’97 9000 Aero. The kids will love the space in the back seat and you’ll love the utility of being able to fold down that seat and fit in a sofa in the back if necessary!

  2. I like the description of the smart car.
    And look on the SMART site the slogan is “open your mind” kinda sounds catchy what what.
    Open your mind and scoop out your brains as you wont be needing them.
    Oh and i wish i had a SAAB 900 5 door,in say 1993 model as i need to pack it full of fudge for Deloraine Craft Fair.
    Anyone know where i can get one.

  3. Speaking about Godfather references,

    that 9-5 really seems to be a Tony Soprano’s kind of car. I wonder how many pairs of concrete boots the rear springs can carry, though…

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