More 2008 Saab 9-3s arriving stateside

Ubermich has been sniffing around his local dealership and spotted these little babies coming in. He snapped off a few photos and has included some notes that may help those who, like him, will see them for the first time.


Photos 1, 2 and 3 – I didn’t really notice the lower portion of the bumper being changed until I saw them in person. I really like that change to the bumper. I also realized that I don’t like the new tail lights at all on the white and silver models, but absolutely LOVE them in black on black.

2008 Saab 7

2008 Saab 8

2008 Saab 9

Photo 4 – I think this really shows off the grille colors well. I thought the grille inserts were chrome. They’re not. They’re silver, like the old SAABs!

2008 Saab 11

Photo 5 – That mysterious round piece above the turning foglamps turns out to just be a screw for adjusting them.

2008 Saab 15

Photo 6 – The door handles. I know some people love the new handles and some people don’t care so much for them. I like the color-matching, but I REALLY don’t like the fact that these came straight from the Chevy Malibu parts bin (if you’d like, I can include a picture of my own ’07 Malibu for comparison).

2008 Saab 17

Photo 7 – 14-spoke wheels. I didn’t notice these in the earlier post on trollhattansaab which had all of the 08 wheels… probably because I don’t care for them much.

2008 Saab 18

It’s also interesting to note that all of them have Aero flare-style body panels per ’07 models, even 2.0Ts. I expected to still see a difference between Aero and non-Aero models (aside from wheels). I guess that’s where the Turbo-X comes in. All of these pictures are from Sewell Saab Cadillac of Grapevine, and I believe two of these are now on the showroom floor (black and silver) so anyone in the area can come see them. As for me? I’m currently looking into the rules of selling my soul on ebay or trading on craigslist for a Turbo-X.

My reflection is in this last shot at least 3 times, but I just enjoy the picture so much that I don’t even care.

2008 Saab 22

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  1. Good shots Ubermich. Nice to see some finer details.

    Seems those doorhandles are on a heap of different GM cars. The parts bin is smaller.

  2. Nice up-close photos. Where is this dealer, and were there any Polar Whites on the lot? My guess is the shots you took are of Snow Silver with the reflection making them look lighter.

  3. All of these photos are from Sewell Saab Cadillac of Grapevine in North Texas. They don’t have any Polar Whites yet. This set includes, Snow Silver, Black, Parchment Silver (the last photo is this color), and Laser Red. In photo 4 you can get a good idea of the difference between Snow Silver and Parchment Silver (the parchment is in the foreground). I’ll try to get a few nicer post-PDI shots soon. It was rainy today which made things a little more difficult. Thanks, Swade, for posting these!

  4. Wait — anyone notice 3 Caddy’s snuck in on that line-up shot? Looks like 2 new CTS’s and a ‘Lade. *shiver* Bleh!

    No Combi’s?

    My local dealer had 1 Combi. When I got my ’07 Combi, I thought about paying $1500 to get the Ice Block tail lights imported from Elkparts, but I’m glad I didn’t. I thought I’d like them, but in person, I can do without! The red lights seem more classy against the Fusion Blue than the clear.

    I like the new Ice Blocks on the black, and think they will probably look great on the Turbo-X — but not a big fan of them on the other colors. Like I mentioned before, my wife and I stood in between a Snow Silver ’08 and a Silver ’07 convertibles (similar enough color just to compare) and we both preferred the ’07 lights — maybe it was just that color though. We are aiming towards an Electric blue or Ice Blue, and have NOT seen the new tail lights on those colors yet…

  5. Another observation. In the line-up, judging by the rims, they are all 2.0T’s. I wonder if Saab USA are holding the release of Aero’s — my dealer had 0 Aero’s of the 5 or so they got. Any news on this? Any dealers reporting Aero’s for sale yet???

  6. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!
    About that lower part of rear bumper, you can get accessory part there in black with exhaust outlet. Which looks very neat on accessory brochure.

    The sideskirts are now all the same for every model, I think even for Turbo-X. It´s the front and rear which makes the difference.

    New front grille looks very good and stylish without all the chrome. That matte finish suits perfectly and it´s not too bling.

    Any sportcombis there?

  7. In the first picture above in the amount of 9-3 backs I discovered that of a lonely red Cadillac BLS. Good for comparison.

  8. saabaudi,

    I doubt that the vehicle you saw was a BLS. That model is not available in the US. To me, it looks like the new CTS.

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