My cars in the Saab museum

I’m editing another film from Sweden, and I happened to come upon this scene.

Brendan and I were hanging around the back of the Museum, where they’ve got some cars that aren’t being displayed or aren’t ready for display – I don’t know which, really – and I filmed these.

Naturally, seeing the Viggen was kind of special, but little did I know at the time that I’d own one of these in the near future as well.

Saab mUseum 900

I crashed my Viggen on July 22. That’s nearly 2.5 months ago now. It’s currently parked out the back of my mechanic’s workshop and I haven’t laid eyes on it since a week or so after the accident.

The lawyer I’ve engaged to assist me in my dispute with the insurer has received a letter back from CAMS, the motorsport body that’s at issue in my insurance claim. That response is going to be very important in the next step with the insurer and at this point it’s 50/50 as to which way it’ll go. If the insurer still won’t cover the cost of the repair, then it’ll (finally) be moving to an independant ombudsman.

Getting the car back will be like buying a Viggen all over again. And it WILL be fixed whether the insurer covers it or not. Until then, I’ve got pictures, including this one at the Saab museum.

Saab Museum Viggen

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