New 2008 Saab 9-3 ad

This is so fresh it may not even be fully loaded on Google’s servers yet.

Keep checking back and hitting refresh if it doesn’t work.

Acquired with permission from the Saab of Hunterdon blog. Apparently it should be hitting US airwaves soon (the ad, not the blog 🙂 )

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  1. absolute crap. Charles you hit the nail on the head. Epic fail. If that appears here I’ll be laughed off the road.

    This whole Born from Jets thing is so juvenile and pathetic it makes me cringe.

    Grow up Saab, why are you going backwards in order to go fowards?

  2. juvenile is right. as much as i dislike the BFJ theme, it could be implemented in far better ways than a jet shitting fire all over a car.

  3. This has completely distracted me from my school work, o well. I went off to YouTube and just started watching as many Saab commercials as I possibly could find.

    I really wish we could get the Nina Kinert commercial, which showcases Swedish designs that everyone knows and then the 08 9-3 is shown.

    There is also the Oh Laura/Release Me commercial, which really makes the most sense with a Biopower car; but seeing as we don’t have those in US (stupid), I understand why it doesn’t get aired.

    The old “What If/State of Independence” commercials completely obliterate these Born From Jets and especially this latest one. You get tons of cool imagery, good angles of the car and good music. Learn about the brand, that its about turbo charging and they are different, etc. O and a decent voice over since GM things US commercials must have lame people talking during them.

    Or you have some that just play up the car, with showing it racing around being sporty.

    I can’t remember, but I know there was an Italian Saab commercial where it was two 9-3’s driving all around a hangar but there was no mention of Jet inspiration. But like their taillights streaks made a shape of a inline 4 engine; just different stuff like that.

    Born From Jets, is awful. The guys voice is terrible. Everyone single commercial starts out with the same line about 16 airplane dudes. Yeh so what? BMW and Subura use to make planes and they aren’t playing that up.

    Saabs are different and I really think the latest commercials with Nina Kinert and Oh Laura are very different car commercials, fitting right in line with Saab. Something to stand out from the rest of the barrage of car commercials.

    I’m vexed, and its stuff like this that makes me want to stop Architecture, change to Business and get a job with Saab marketing haha.

    Epic Fail.

  4. What I would like to see is a SAAB getting run off the road and cartwheeling into a ditch and when the dust settles Erik Karlson pops out from behind an air-bag with a big smile on his face.

    Besides safety the only noteworthy feature of the 9-3 would be the new Haldex system. For that they could start this winter with an xwd blasting down a snow blanketed conifer canyon with the message “arriving soon from Sweden.” As the shipment becomes imminent they could have the 9-3 xwd strapped on Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki crossing the Atlantic.

  5. If this came from the old advertising agency, I can’t wait to see the work from the new one. If this is from the new agency, someone please call Mr. Shannon and ask what is up with this.. I originally liked the BFJ theme but it’s getting old. Time to have something more sophisticated.

  6. Is it just me or did this seem to denigrate the previous 9³ design? To me it’s like saying, “we’re throwing out the trash and now look at this!”

    Should make it harder to sell those leftover MY2007s, I would think.

    As many of you mentioned before, these new Saab advertisements are juvenile. Who are they trying to sell these $30K – $45K cars to, 13-year-olds?

    Even Cadillac has some nice new commercials for the CTS here in the States. Heck, I just saw an excellent commercial for the Jaguar XK. It’s really bad when I’m seeing other car companies’ commercials which are more inspiring than Saab’s, where I say for a moment, “yeah, that car looks pretty cool…”

  7. Oh crap.. I simply cannot like that ad. Don´t you think there´s a quite big conflict between this and the “Scandinavian styling” ad? The whole born from jets is very cheesy idea.

    Definitely we will not see this in Europe.

  8. Childish…

    I’m very disappointed with this ad…

    It lacks substance and refinement.
    It has the tipical american emptiness and skin deep show off: Saab should precisely be about the opposite.

    With such an amazing ad history, it’s a shame.

  9. Wow, that’s probably the worst Saab comercial I’ve seen. (so far) Nothing about what Saab stands for: Usable everyday performance and safety. The whole BornfromJeys thing has never impressed me. But that may be because I’m swedish and have known that since I was 4 years old.

    Fancy grphics but nothing meaningful about the product…What’s their target group? 12-year olds?

  10. But…Saab didn’t make the Blackbird, Lockheed did…



    Well…I would have liked it had it not had the narration, and had the last few driving clips been less…sleep inducing. I mean, sure, the visuals were a little cheesy, but think about it, is it any more cheesy than that commercial where the 900 turned into an airplane at the edge of a cliff that we all loved?

    Try watching it on mute, it feels a lot less cheesy.

  11. This whole Born from Jets thing is so juvenile and pathetic it makes me cringe.


    Saab made flew their first prototype jet in March 1947, just three months before the UrSaab was unveiled.

    Saab did not put any jet planes into production until after the cars in 1950.

    This whole Born From Jets notion is tenuous to say the least.

    The advert says, Now more jet-inspired than ever.

    In what way exactly? How is it inspired by fighter planes? The fact of the matter is that it is not. Not at all.

    The only thing on a Saab that is similar to a jet is the ‘black panel’ (later named ‘night panel’, for PC reasons?) function that removes unnecessary instrumentation illumination until it is needed.

    Nothing else on that car is jet-inspired.

    ….and if the jet planes were built to the same quality standards as the cars, they’d be falling out of the sky!

  12. John,

    don’t forget that it’s been years (should we say decades ?) since Saab Automobile (former Saab-Scania) had anything with aeroplanes to do.

    They are two separate companies with nothing (except the name) in common.

    On the other hand, this is just another car commercial, so I really couldn’ care less…

  13. I still think this ad, for the
    featured here earlier this year is the way to go.

    When you watch this ad you actually learn something about the car. Yes there is reference to the jet heritage but only to provide context. It is a fairly long ad, but then there were so many innovations in the 9000 that it would take that long to explain them all.

    What a great ad and what a great car.

  14. I just like to know why teh huge difference in quality between the EU and US ads?

    Why can’t they just air the EU one and save some of those (i’m sure, millions of dollar) fee to the ad agent?

  15. I agree with Ying,

    how come the American part of Saab – the ‘other’ Saab -can keep justifying these infantile ads year after year is a true mysteri. What is good enough for the rest of the world should be good enough for the US, considering the level of sophistication and brand delivery/message of the Global ads.

    Please ‘other’ Saab, come to your senses, give the creative ad agency the boot completely and take what is developed for the rest of the world. Spend the creative budget on more ad space.

    The Saab customer is much more refined than you obviously think.

    In addition, these silly ads are seen by sensible people outside the US and they get very strange messages, as outlined in the comments above.

  16. Unfortunately it seems that everything ending with “” is more or less cheesy. This is making jokes out of us: Saab drivers.

    They should advertise something that is Saab, something good, economic, stylish and for gods sake – real!!

    There´s some many things: styling (especially MY08 right now), great line of engines (well, not so much in USA though), safety, some Saab unique features – you name them, and last but not least XWD.

    Who really wants to see pre-07 Saab burning in flames!? That ad doesn´t even show the new look clearly. Oh, I´m so disappointed.

  17. Woah, necropost.


    I was in love with the Beatles!
    I was in love with the Stones!
    I was in love with Bobby Dylan!
    Because I’m in love with rock and roll!

    …Ready, Steady, Go – Generation X. That would have made for an interesting Saab commercial.

  18. Epic Fail? wow. your cool. why does every one think they know so much? Go get lives guys. and dont give me BS about “Your just a loser man i have a wife and blablabla” i dont give a F…

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