New England Auto Show – preview with a difference

It’s time get a sneak-peek into what Saab have planned for the New England Auto Show, coming up in Boston next month.

TS will be there, of course, and John D will be providing us with his images and his thoughts as one of the first people in the US to get a look at the Black Turbo on home soil.

At its debut in Frankfurt, Saab showed the Turbo X alongside it’s spiritual forbear, a black 1993 Saab 900. SaabUSA will be doing something along the same lines, but they’re reaching back in time just a little further.

This came in from Jan-Willem Vester at SaabUSA this morning:

Where our European counterparts opted for displaying a 1993 Saab 900 Aero Turbo 16 commemorative edition, which was one of the very last of the series, we are going to the opposite side of the spectrum with our 1985 SPG. This was one of the very first high performance 900s to arrive here in the United States, complete with the 16-valve turbo engine and the full aerodynamic treatment including front spoilers, black (as opposed to charcoal) side skirts and flat three-spoke wheels.

Thanks to the tireless help of several friends in the American Saab Aficionado community, the SPG we were able to acquire is very solid, straight and complete. It runs hard and, most importantly, it is Black to the Bone! Still, the strict standards of the GM Heritage Collection experts required an extensive massage before we could even think of showtime… This included a full respray, cable rewiring and refurbishment of the powertrain and chassis.

Attached a few images that show the work in progress. If you want, we can send a few more once we get the car reassembled and the interior back in place. In any case, we hope and trust you will like the end result in Boston!


But until they come, enjoy the work in progress……click to enlarge

900 SPG restoration

Saab 900 SPG restoration

Saab 900 SPG restoration

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  1. I’ve seen plenty of black SPG’s I’m looking forward to that black 96 in the second shot. A cross flow intake with fuel injection, a destroked long rodded v4?

  2. How much would it cost me to have this same thing done to my ’85 900T? 🙂

    I’m guessing that’s period-correct Saab OEM paint they’re using with the clearcoat and all, right? I’m jealous: “…cable rewiring…”. Anyone who owns an ’85 through ’87 900 knows how important this is. Most of my cables have their insulation crumbling off, causing sporadic electrical “issues”. I would love to have someone totally rewire my car.

    That engine looks like it was a full “crate” engine just out of Trollhattan’s SDCC sale!

    I wonder if this SPG will be “restored” or “upgraded”. The ’85 SPG didn’t have any more horsepower than the 900T of that model year, but I think starting in ’86 the SPG gained more horsepower than the 900T in any given year. Will this car get the ’85 cylinder head or a later one?

    While I obviously love the ’85 SPG, it’d have been nice if they could have gone all the way to the other end of the spectrum from Frankfurt and displayed a black turbo 99! 🙂

  3. I want that SPG!!!! Will it become part of GM’s heritage collection? I’m raving and drooling over here!! Will it be up for sale?


  4. Swade, thanks for posting those pics. They bring back some good memories.

    1985 Gripen, if you’re interested in electrical issues, just purchase an XJ6. You never know what to expect.

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