New US incentives up – 2007 only, though

New US incentive pricing has just been posted on the Saab USA website.

I can only see details for 2007 models at this stage, however. Nothing on 2008s as far as I can see.

The offers available are as follows:

Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan

2.0T: $4,000 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance

Aero: $5,500 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance


Saab 9-3 Sport Combi

2.0T: $4,500 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance

Aero: $5,500 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance


Saab 9-3 Convertible

$5,000 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance


Saab 9-5 Sedan

$5,000 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance


Saab 9-5 Sport Combi

No deals mentioned!


Saab 9-7x SUV

$5,500 cash for purchasers or the possibility of 0% finance


NOTE – Saab loyalty cash is also still on the table and gets you $1,000 if you’re buying or $500 if you’re leasing (double those amounts for the 9-7x).

So if you’re looking for a 9-3 Aero and you’re quite happy to pick up a 2007 model, then you’ve got $6,500 on the hood already.


NOTE II – It appears that as reported a few weeks ago, leases are off the table. I originally wrote this incentives post stating that 0% finance was available, but it appears that’s finance made available to purchasers rather than lessors.


Thanks to denvernewbie for the heads up.

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  1. Not that I’m in the market, but if I were in the market I’d be looking for the car with “no deals mentioned”: the 9⁵ Combi.

    If in the market for a 9⁵ there’s no reason to hold-out for the ’08 over the ’07, I don’t think. I also think that the 2007 60th Anniversary Edition would be the way to go, but unfortunately the one thing which would be a dealbreaker for me is that the 60th Anniversary Edition isn’t available with the ventilated seats option. I really liked the comfy Anniversary Edition seats, but the ventilated seats are the main draw to the car for me!

  2. im kinda playing cat and mouse with a dealer. he says that invoice for a base 9-3 which is 26,250 is 26098.63. i refuse to believe that “invoice” is only a couple hundred bucks lower.
    how can i get him to go lower.

  3. Gripen – I’m in the that boat: 07 vs. 08.

    Part of me is thinking I should lease to hold me over for a few years and see what happens with the redesign, bluetooth, etc.

    Why wouldn’t you go for the MY08? If Saab was offering $4k off AND zero percent, then I could see buying one, but only 4k off isn’t enough to jump at.

  4. mo: I would tell the dealer that his internal accounting problems are none of your concern. A car that has a $4000 rebate isn’t selling which means the sticker price should be reduced by $4000 and an additional significant amount because you are doing him a favor. Tell him the $4000 is from Saab and you expect a fair size chunk of his hide.

  5. I have a little input, as I too am playing the “VS.” game.

    I just came from the dealership today, here are my findings. Of the MY08 9-3’s: 1 2.0T Convertible (Snow Silver Metallic), 1 2.0T SportCombi (Fusion Blue), and 3 2.0T Sedans (Laser Red, Snow Silver Metallic, and Jet Black), and no Aero’s. Sadly, I didn’t drive any of these.

    However, the reason for the visit was to have a looksee as to what the better deal was (MY07 Vert vs. MY08 Vert vs. MY07 9-5 Sedan). First we drove the MY07 9-5. Only one of two left, it was Polar White (yuk) but sticker was $36,790, with the only options being Sentronic A/T. I could steal this for $27,360, but the wife said it was the same ride as her MY03 9-5! I reminded her that it had 75 more HP, and she said she didn’t notice. She actually insulted the poor car by saying her car felt faster. (I swear, I think the previous owner moded the ECU, but I don’t know for sure.)

    Next up, the Verts! My wife loved the lite pipe on the MY08, but that was all. She stood in between a pair of silver verts, each was of a different year, and said she preferred the MY07. The grill and hood were of no preference, but the mascara’d rear tail lights she thought were horrid. The red seemed, well, more natural. We took a MY07 Vert on the road. It was a 2.0T Smoke Beige Metallic 60th Anniversary with Sentronic and a Sand top. The ride was amazing and exhilarating! It’s 210hp engine had more spunk than the sophisticated 2.3T 260hp powerhouse in the 9-5, imagine that! It felt solid. We’ve never owned a convertible, but it just felt like how a vert should feel, done right.

    The easy part is done. The car and options, we know what to get. Our local dealer doesn’t have one, and after I iron out things on the homefront financially, we are going to order one. Like my Combi, I hope a nearby Florida shop has the right one for my wife.

    As for the rebates, I was shocked to see that the loyalty incentive on the 9-5 was reduced from $2k to $1k, or that Polar White one would be more attractive! Still, with a total of $6,000 on the table for each, the MY07 9-5 and 9-3 Vert, should make these cars sell well. Let’s hope.

    My humble request to all of those reading this blog. If you ever considered getting a convertible, beit Saab or another brand, please GO and TEST DRIVE the 9-3 first.

    It. Is. Amazing.

    Swade, sorry for such a short entry. 😉

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