November at Trollhattan Saab

There’s going to be a couple of big things happening at TS in November.

1. It’s competition time again!

I’ll put up an official page for it soon, but I thought I’d give you all a preliminary word about it now.

The prize pool is yet to be finalised, but this one’s hopefully going to be worth winning and will therefore require a little bit of effort.

Saabs are pretty unique cars, and everyone’s got a reason why they love theirs. One of the great things about the internet is that we all come from somewhere pretty different. Different places, unique cars.

So what I’d like to do is combine the two. Take a high quality, well composed image of your Saab in front of a landmark in the region where you live. Some place that kind of defines your area. Shoot the image through to me via email and then include a writeup about both the car and a quick word about the region you live in. Why your photo subject is unique to your area.

We can all appreciate the cars and the places, and the winning shot will score some Saab goodies. I’ll outline the prize pool as soon as it’s finalised.


2. It’s month of Saab hatch loving!

Do you have a Saab hatch? Or had one in the past?

The hatch is one of the things that came to define Saabs in the 70s through to the 90s. They’ve been loaded up with all sorts of things from go karts to household furniture. They look sportier than a sedan and wagon but combine the best facets of both.

If you’ve got some hatch-love to share, then this is the month to share it. Have it out on show, or fully loaded – however you please. Pride of ownership is one of the reasons this site exists, so email your shots to me here.

The previous months of Saab lovin have always turned out to be a fun adventure, with some great ownership experiences and tales to tell. Here’s hoping November is the same.

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  1. eggs: yeah, why? Then again, I often ask myself, “oh why, oh why did I sell my 1976 FIAT 124 Sport Spider 1800 convertible, why?” and then I remember. It leaked oil. The starters constantly failed causing me to have my friend get out to push-start it every time. The wheels had a defect which made tires spontaneously blow-out on the freeway, the top would always leak on the off-chance it rained in L.A., the top was always being knifed-open so someone could steal the Blaupunkt cassette stereo head unit, when I would go to the car in the morning it was a crapshoot whether it was going to start that day… 😛

  2. What perfect timing! I just got my MY2007 Special Edition Titan Grey Mettalic (my first new car!) this last Sunday in Seattle, WA. I am excited about the car and letting everyone know that Saab brand is not to be overlooked. I will be find the perfect spot to capture my new Saab in all its Seattle glory.

    I appreciate the great input from everyone on this network. It provided me with a lot of information about Saab that I was teaching the sales person the value and benefits the car’s features.

    FYI. The Seattle dealership only had one (1) MY2008 9-3 2.0T SS Automatic Smoke Beige Metallic car on stock. It was delivered in late October (finally!) and they are expecting more inventory very shortly. I was probably one of the first people to test drive that car, and it was smoooth. I drove a manual MY2007 2.0T right after that, but the ride on the MY08 was noticablely (to me) quieter–it must have had the Quiet Package installed per the Quick Sales Reference Guide that the sales person showed me. I was quite miffed that the sales people knew little to nothing about the new models, let alone even test drove them.

    Even though I really wanted the a 2008 model, I could not pass up the current clearance specials and definetly could not wait another month for “possible” stock to come in. If the NW receives stock almost 2 months after the East Coast (New England), than I would not be able to enjoy some good drives before the bad weather hits.

    Okay, enough of my excited rants. Cheers to Saab!

    => Swade here is a link to some of the photos from the Seattle Dealership of the MY2008.

    You can download the pictures and upload any you wish to share. Thanks again.

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