Now that’s innovative advertising!

Props to Volkswagen for this, spotted over at Winding Road:

Volkswagen ad

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  1. Meanwhile SaabUSA’s latest email is pushing BFJ to the next level – now the 9-3s are supposed to be actual jets and potential buyers can take test flights.

    You only need to read a few of the comments from Swade’s TTAC editorial to see how BFJ is driving questionable impressions about Saab:

    • “Born from jets! Whose jets? GMs? There’s certainly no Gripen or Draken in anything Saab makes.”
    • “[on XWD] I can just imagine the full spread glossy mag layout of a jet fighter with monster mudder tires on it now….BORN FROM TRAIL RATED JETS!”
    • “SAAB needs to go back to the ‘born from jets’ advertising. Just show a C-141 Starlifter morphing into a 9-7x.”
    • “. . .Just build cars that are safe, well equipped, and yes a little quirky. That is what a Saab is.
    OH, one last tidbit: Drop the “Born from Jets” crap… it is such BS, and it is insulting. Ad agencies could do SO much better.”
    • ““Born from Jets” is just plain historically inaccurate. At the time Saab began producing cars, Svenska Aeroplan AG was producing PISTON-engined aircraft. And there is no current corporate tie between the GM car company and the SAAB company that produces the Gripen.”

  2. AB, not AG, it’s never been AG in Sweden. AG is soooo German 😉
    You’d be better off calling it AS (NO and DK) or OY (FI), making it:
    SAAS Swedish & airplanes “AS”
    SAOY “Soumin Lentokone” (finnish)
    NAAS Norway & airplanes
    DAAS Denmark & airplanes
    RAOY “Ruotsin Lentokone” (Sweden & airplanes, “Saab” in Finnish)

    Fancy any of those? I kinda like SAOY – for a Korean brand 😀

  3. TimJ: I agree with your comment, but the TTAC commenter saying it is historically inaccurate is basically incorrect. Saab’s first jet, the J21R, first flew on Mar. 10, 1947 and they received an order for 60 more from the Air Force, 2 years before the model 92 car went on sale. It was under development from 1945, same as the URSAAB. So, I look at it as a co-development.

  4. i was talking to my friend about cars and he doesnt know that i like saab and says you knows whats a lame tagline, born from jets. he said its soo lame and tacky, and said he wants to be a driver not a jet. so there you go the public even thinks that is some stupid and ridiculous tagline to go with such a great brand. saabusa, you dissapoint.

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