OK, BFJ ain’t that bad…

Courtesy of Car Magazine, where they’re discussing the worst celebrity endorsements ever, here’s Audi’s new A4 unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

If you don’t like listening to ageing rock stars, turn down the volume and come back with a minute to go, where you’ll here the end of the song and then see the dollar signs and the rather embarrassing quote by the Audi guy making the presentation.

Thankfully, while Saab have had songs connected to car campaigns, especially recently, I can’t really recall a concentrated celebrity campaign (with the exception of Margreet, but I’m not sure that counts).

Here in Australia, we have had a number of Saab Ambassadors in the past. These are well known Aussies that Saab Australia wheel out on important occasions to talk about how much they love their free Saabs. I’d volunteer, but I’m nowhere near as good looking as Sigrid or Monica (see the link).

Please Saab, BFJ is something that needs to improve, but no tacky stuff like this example from Audi…

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  1. I enjoy Brian Adams….. I thought it was hilarious listening to the Audi Rep try to relate the song to the car… and failing with every word.

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