Post lite

Hi all

Posting will be light again for at least a day as I’m still feeling pretty ill.

I picked up a cold on Saturday and it’s really knocked the stuffing out of me.

Aside from being just physically exhausted, my brain’s turned mushier than usual. So I’ll be doing my usual sick things – partaking of some chicken noodle soup and watching DVDs.

Today: Oceans Thirteen.

Back soon. Ciao.

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  1. Swade, everytime I get a flu, I find it that I can recover faster by getting to bed early. Most of the time I’ll find that the flu is gone when I wake up the next morning.

    Get well soon. The SAAB community need you.


  2. I have not seen Oceans’ 13 because I was so disappointed in Oceans’ 12.

    An obscure movie that might be worth watching while recuperating is “Sweet Land.” Great movie, good character study. The exact opposite of a mindless action movie.

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