Rare 1999 Saab Accessories

I borrowed a 1999 Saab Accessories catalogue from Drew B a few weeks ago and it had some stuff in there that I’m quite sure I haven’t seen before.

I taken some photos of the items to show off here. Most of them are wheels that I’ve never seen before.

But first there’s this:

Saab 9-5 decor panel

I’m not sure I’ve seen one of these in real life. Perhaps there was a 9-5 in either the month of 9-5-loving or the month of Mods-loving that had one (I’m thinking of Chris, the moderator from Saab Central). Regardless, it’s a great looking bit of trim, and anyone looking for it now has the part number.

As for these……

I’ve never seen this set of wheels before. And the title – Three spoke 99 – I’m not sure what the 99 part is in reference to. There’s nothing 99-ish about them that I can see (aaaah, I get it. 1999).

Saab wheel

Here’s some more wheels. Of course, I’m quite familiar with both these wheels styles, but the greyed out centers are a lot rarer and look pretty classy, I think.

Finally, there’s these 5-spoke split wheels. Another set I’ve not seen on an actual car before. It’s fair to say I’m not a fan.

Saab wheel

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  1. The 9-5 rear decor panel is a pretty rare item. I had never seen one before up until a few weeks ago when a longtime Saab customer brought his 2000 9-5 Aero sedan in for some work. He had all the optional extras, decor panel, BBS wheel package, spoiler, wood finish etc. A truly gorgeous car.

    The split 5-spokes are really nothing to write home about. We offer them with a snow tire package, but no one buys them. I’ve seen them on a ’97 900 that periodically shows up in my hometown.

  2. I have seen both the rear decor panel several times and the split 5’s. I like them both a lot. That said, the rear decor panel adds a lot of classiness to the 99-01 9-5s. The split 5’s are cool, but there are much better wheels available.

  3. The 9-5 rear decor panel is a pretty rare item.

    It isn’t really. It is still an accessory that is readily available from Saab and it is not that expensive in the context of Saab parts.

  4. I have this catalog, and also the 1998 accessories catalog. Very similar, but with all accessories available for OG900 and GM900 and 9000.

    This decor panel also was available for 900 and 9000.

    Als is interesting to see that Saab always offered official ECU upgrade kit for 9000 and 900 from 87 to 92.

    Also the pin collection and all Sommerville scale models.

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