Real-World Saab 9-3 SportCombi quick test

Ok, this one isn’t that real world. It was conducted as part of a GM ride and drive event where journos/bloggers from all over the place got to test a myriad of GM cars on their Milford proving ground.

The reason it’s a little more real-world is that the writer, David Ponce, strikes me as someone a little more like you and me than your average car writer. He’s not your C&D type. He’s not a dedicated car reviewer at all. He’s actually a blogger from Oh Gizmo, a site about….Gizmos. Get a regular guy into a fleet of GM cars and maybe you’ll get an average joe’s opinion….

Here’s what he had to say about the Saab 9-3 Sportcombi a-la 2008:

I expected the Corvette to be a nearly orgasmic experience. I did not, however, expect to enjoy a station-wagon this much! The 2008 Saab 9-3 SportCombi was the surprise of the day, for me. If you’re a dad, and you want to be responsible, but aren’t ready to give up on sporty performance, this is the car for you. A 2.8L, 255hp turbocharged engine ensures that you’ve got some kick. But more importantly than torque and power was the incredible driving experience. The transmission was as smooth as silk; you barely had to think about changing gears that you’d already flowed there, seemingly not even of your own accord. The steering was perfectly balanced, neither too soft or too harsh. The thumbrests on the steering wheel were a nice ergonomic touch. The suspension was smooth, and hard enough to corner aggressively. The roar of the engine muted and sophisticated, but undeniably sporty.

This Saab was a unique combination of elegance and performance, in an attractive package… even for a 26 year old blogger who fell in love with a Corvette.

Looks like someone might have caught a Saab bug!

One way to get out of the normal car-reporter mindset is to give the car to someone who isn’t a regular car writer. Just someone who loves to drive. Forget the cones, the 0-60s and just see how a car drives through the eyes of the guy next door.

The pity of it is that perhaps his review won’t be seen by many people that are looking for it. Which is a shame. But it’s been seen here, and I for one am glad he got the chance to tag along.

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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for the writeup. I changed the picture. Stupid mistake. Hopefully got this one right.

    But for the record, while we’re not autoblog, or leftlanenews, or anyone that huge, we do get about 12,000 unique visitors a day. We’re a PR6 site, so we usually get indexed pretty well.

    For what its worth. 🙂

  2. David, thanks a lot for checking in and again, I’m pleased you got the opportunity to take the Combi for a spin.

    The reference to traffic was only due to the fact that cars don’t seem to be part of your core business, but 12K visitors coming to see your article and getting a good word about Saab is a great thing.


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