RHD bargain dash at Elkparts

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John’s just posted on an accessory that Saab 9-5 owners might be particularly interested in. I’d advise that you LHD vehicle owners just scroll down now and save yourself some pain.

John’s picked up a consignment of genuine Saab-manufactured carbon fibre dash kits for the Saab 9-5. They’re due into stock later this month. John’s usual policy is that advance orders can be taken and you won’t be charged until the item ships and I’d assume that to be the case here.

Saab Carbon Fibre Dash

The carbon fibre look is a bit of an acquired taste. I’ve got it in my Viggen and absolutely love it.

If you’ve got a RHD Saab 9-5 with a plain-jane dash, or want to replace your current dash trim, this is a pretty good opportunity. John’s pushing these out the door at less than one-third of their original retail price.

The product page is here at Elkparts.


PS – John’s also posted a PDF of the fitting instructions for the dash kit at the Elkparts blog. Handy.

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