Saab 9-4x News – Made in Mexico confirmed at AutoNews

EduSaab has shot through an email of an article from Automotive News on the Saab 9-4x.

A little while ago I expressed some skepticism over reports that the 9-4x would be built on a combination of two GM platforms – Epsilon II and Theta. My point was that is seemed silly to go to the trouble of building platforms that could be used around the world, and then mix them, thereby negating the value of the platform.

Apparently it’s not so silly, which is why i’m sitting here writing this instead of running a car company….

Saab will produce its 9-4X small SUV in North America starting in 2009, high-level General Motors sources say. The five-passenger car will be made at GM’s assembly plant in Ramos, Mexico, a supplier source said.

Saab has struggled to grow beyond its two-car lineup so its timely entry into a growing segment should help. The 9-4X will arrive at about the same time as small SUVs from other premium automakers.

The 9-4X’s vehicle platform will be developed using portions of GM’s Epsilon II and re-engineered Theta vehicle architectures.

That vehicle architecture is expected to be shared with the Cadillac BRX, a small SUV that will debut about the same time.

All this is pretty much what’s been mentioned in previous reports, though it’s got the added weight of Automotive News reporting it and an apparent senior source providing the information.

So now you know.

Saabludos, Eduard!

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  1. I truly hope this SUV will be a hybrid, the price of fuel is going to go up here I’m affraid and these SUV’s had better deliver 30miles per gallon or people will be turning to Toyata and Acura for there SUV’s.

  2. Am I mistaken in my belief that this news moves the 9-4X intro out another year? I thought as it stood it was going to make its debut at the Detroit International Auto Show in January, 2008 and enter production in 2008 as a 2009 model.

    If it’s true that it’s going into production in 2009, would it be a late 2009 model-year introduction (usually models are first sold late in the previous calendar year) or a 2010 model?

    What’s your model intro timeline look like now, Swade? When does the 9-7X get phased-out? Will we get the 9-4X and next-gen 9-5 in the same model-year (2010)??? That seems soooo far off, and looking at the 9-5 sales numbers I’m sure it seems forever to Saab dealers too.

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