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Again, work is going to severely limit my posting today, but i thought I’d shed some light on this comment by Rod H, which I thought was brilliant and a great tribute to the Saab 9-5.

If you don’t check through all the comments, you might miss stuff like this. Thanks Rod.


When people say Saab needs to update their lineup, what do they really mean? They mean bigger and faster. And they are wrong. Let these other companies make the mistake of growing their sedans.

I recently took a 9-5 on a 1750 mile trip and I found out a few things.

* The car has outstanding power and my highway fuel economy was 29/30. And this is outdated technology? I know, I know, it should be a V6 with a little less horsepower and getting 27/28 MPG.

* The back seat is more comfortable then the front seats. And the front seats are very comfortable. This needs to change?

* The car is a dream on 2 lane roads. You can pass on a dime when starting from 70 MPH. Apparently there needs to be less acceleration and more engine roaring during this movement?

* The car works beautifully as a touring car but also feels very nimble in city driving. This is kind of rare folks.

* We needed to display a piece of paper on the drivers side of the windshield so security gave us the paper and a piece of tape. We told them we didn’t need the tape as we had a Saab! That was worth about $1000 right there.

I beg you Saab, be careful with the changes.

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  1. That´s good writeup. I´m a bit afraid what the future 9-5 will be. Thinking about all the possible savings and usage of General parts makes me shiver.. If the engine will not include Trionic, if it would not be a turbo four-banger. If…

    Let´s keep our hopes high and wish for the best. One thing we know for sure. At least, at first, it´ll look very cool. Better than Saab ever before. And all the features will sound excellent. Advertisements will tell us how much it contains jet DNA. But after the dust has cleared and people will really get to know the car, question is – has GM´s “Americanizing” of Saab ruined the original spirit and idea of Saab?

    Jag vill ha en bil uppgjort och tilverkat i sverige.

    Tai jotain sinne päin 😉

  2. Rod,
    I read your comment and thought it was right on. Saabs are rarely recognized for what they are unless you live with one for more than a day or so. My 9000 Aero is a great car.

    I once went to an Audi dealership and said… I like my car, but I might be persuaded to consider a new one if I could get:
    0-60 in the mid-to-low sixes.
    30 MPG
    52 Cubic Feet of Storage
    Manual Transmission
    Seats half as comfortable as what I’d be leaving.

    They didn’t have anything that fit the bill (I knew they wouldn’t and that’s the only reason I played the “I might buy a car from you” card.)

    My next car?… Probably a pre-’06 9-5 Aero Wagon with a manual. That one actually fits the criteria. Oh, and I’d consider a Viggen.


  3. I still love my 9-5 Aero. The clip on the driver’s side windshield is an excellent touch, I hope thats not yet another thing the General gets rid of.

  4. I love my 2002 9-3 SE VERT. I have been looking around and the yesterday went to my Saab dealer to check around the lot. I parked next to an 07 vert, dark blue, and an 08 vert, dark blue. All three cars looked great and I know that the ride quality has improved a great deal… but I gotta say, my 02 did not look worn parked next to the newer cars. I just can’t make up my mind !!! Are the same
    Saab qualities that I enjoy every day lost in the newer saabs?

  5. I don’t have a 9-5, but I sometimes get down reading all the negative comments in blogs about Saab, but then I realized today that no one who has ever looked at or rode in my 04 9-3 Arc has had anything but praise for it. Just today at the Park-n-Ride, a woman parked next to me said “I wanted to take your car home. I was looking at the dash and was amazed at how beautiful it is.” Unfortunately, it’s the button dash which GM pulled the rug out from under. But still, I’ve learned that all Saab needs is more exposure, and less BFJ stuff.
    PS: Rod’s comments were some of the best and most insightful I’ve ever read.

  6. I still can’t believe how great my ’04 9-5 Aero SC is. Comfort, simplicity, speed and the ability to carry a huge volume of stuff. Way more enjoyable to drive than the Volvo V70XC my wife has and the ergonomics are vastly superior. It’s also the small things that count, like an instrument cluster that is legible in all lighting conditions and sun visors that actually work (unlike the pitiful excuse for visors in the Volvo).

  7. The 9-5 is a solid car.

    I had the pleasure of driving one recently. It had been a while and I forgot just how spacious, comfortable, and quiet the sedan really is.

    I loved how the interior’s ergonomics were so driver oriented.

    Is it time for a replacement? Yeah. Am I clamoring for it? No.

  8. I took in my wife’s 9-5 to get it’s 60k miles service. Would it be any surprise if I told you it’s been 4 weeks, and I’m still driving her car around? I had swapped her for my Combi back then and kept driving it thinking that going to-from work wouldn’t be so bad, and it’s great. I get to miss my Combi so I drive her on weekends, you know, the whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing.

    I have 1 complaint about the 9-5. The seatbelts. I hate ’em. My ’03 has the same as the ’07, so I’m sure everyone in between is the same. It annoys me. I try to pull it forward and down, but it rides up into my neck every time. I wish they were the same as the 9-3 belts, love those!

    That’s really all.

    It kills me to know I can get that ’07 Polar White 9-5 for $26,360. But… it’s WHITE. Ew. The price is incredible, but I really don’t FEEL it is any different than the ’03, sure it has the HOT 260hp, but like I said, feels the same. I swear someone tapped my ECU and bumped it from the stock 185hp, but not sure. Got my ’03 one year ago for $17k which was great too! I just need to try and figure out a way to keep this car and my Combi, and still buy a convertible for the wife. But, not that fortunate!

  9. as usual anyone that has been in a Saab for more than one day loves them. If they use for a week the grow to love them. Saab would probably benifit from lending their cars to consumer to use for 3 day trial… instead of the normal 25-minute drive

  10. I recently sold my 9-5 Aero wagon ´03 and I´m looking now for a new ride and thats a hard task. Since owning three 9-5, I´m just bored of that car and I don´t want to buy another one. But there is no other car there I feel so good. The magnificent seats, driver oriented workspace, it makes you feel that you a in control and there is no question who is the pilot. What I didn´t like was very slow gearbox and fuel consumption.
    The facelifted 9-3 is an option, but I hate the interior. The other premium makes are out of question, because I just don´t like the image of germans and I do not trust italian quality. It leaves me on looking for new XF, but it´s too expensive for me and only japanese premium make that they sell here is Lexus. I have been testdriving RX and GS, but again they do not make me feel right. The interior feels cheap compared to Saab. The Lexus is to me like a boyband, some producers have gathered nice looking boys and they make good music, but there is no message in there, like in old school rock bands. Of course Lexus is well engineered and high quality, but it´s lack of soul.
    So there is a hard decision to make and my plan is to buy a Skoda Octavia RS for temporary use, until the new 9-5 or 9-4X arrives. Octavia is reasonably priced and there is much of the car for that price. At times I miss Saab, I can always borrow my cousins 900 T8.

  11. And I have my MY01 9-5 Aero manual cosmic blue with the sand/beige interior now for 5 solid years! Dare I need to say more?

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments.

    Unfortunately the 9-5 is my wife’s car. For myself I wish Saab made a car about the size of the A3, with the 2.3 engine.

  13. Case in point, from the Pontiac Solstice:
    Engine, Turbo ECOTEC® 2.0L Variable Valve Timing DOHC 4-cylinder, aluminum (260 hp [193.9 kW] @ 5300 rpm, 260 lb-ft of torque [351.0 N-m] @ 2500 – 5250 rpm)

    There’s a lot more power left in the Ecotec motor. The only reason Saab offers a V6 is because GMUSA thought they could gain more prospective buyers by offering a V6. Wouldn’t we all rather have a 300HP factory 4-banger? I know I would.

  14. “I know, I know, it should be a V6 with a little less horsepower” HA! good line, and how true it is. My ’01 9-5 Aero still impresses freinds about how much power it has, and some of these people have TLs and G35s (with more “HP” but much less usable torque). I really get odd looks when Im towing a Uhaul trailer weighing 3500lbs loaded with Vespas. Show me ANY other sport sedan that even comes close to a towing capacity of the 9-5.

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