Saab 900 Jubilee for sale

Thanks to Robin M for passing this one on. It’s one for the UK Saabers. I don’t want to drive up the price and I’m feeling very cautious about this car (see below), but as it’s a collectable I thought I’d better post something about it.

I wrote recently on Paul H’s excellent Saab 900 Special Editions website a week or so ago, and one of the editions featured on that site is currently up for sale via Ebay in the UK.

It seems the seller has read Paul’s site as well, as he uses the description of the car directly from there:

The SAAB 900 Jubilee was created to celebrate SAAB’s 50th Anniversary. Coloured Ordorado Grey, the car was decorated with grey & red stripes and sported a 50th Anniversary wreath motif. Riding upon Super-Inca alloy wheels and internally fitted with buffalo leather seats, the car featured many items from the turbo model, including chromed turbo-style front grille, rear reflecting decor panel, sunroof wind diffuser and large whaletale spoiler.

Inside, an individually numbered gear knob and 50th Anniversary logo in the middle of the steering wheel adorn the car as a celebration of 50 years of SAAB car production.

Here’s the car that’s up for sale (click here for the ad on Ebay). I’ll post one photo here but there’s a set of them at Flickr. It’s a manual version, non-turbo as all these apparently were.

Saab 50th Anniversary 900

I’ve chosen a rear-angle shot as you can see the 50th Jubilee wreath on the side there, as well as the decor panel on the back, one of the notable additions on this car. An interior shot also shows a set of extra gauges in the dash.


As at the time I’m writing this, the car has around 16 hours to go on Ebay.

I’d urge some caution on this one if you’re looking for a 900, however. Firstly, it’s a non-turbo, and if one was looking for a classic 900 to pickup I’d always recommend a turbo.

Secondly, in the questions area of the sale page, someone has asked the seller why he’s selling it so quickly, apparently having owned it for a short time. His response indicates that his previous three 900s were all automatics and he misses the automatic. Having owned an automatic 900 myself in the past, there’s nothing to miss about that transmission at all. It made the car quite onerous, I thought.

His response, combined with the quick turnaround that he’s doing with the car, would make me suspicious (as a buyer) about the condition of the manual gearbox in this car. He says that it’s fine, but if I were spending my own money I’d want some reassurance.

I guess what it comes down to is that Ebay can be a lousy way to buy a car sometimes. Not enough time to check the car out properly.

Anyway, it’s an interesting sale of a collectable Saab.

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  1. Ok, I always wondered why the 60th Anniversary 2007’s didn’t’ come with some special insignia, emblem, or badge. Why not?

    When I got my car and explained the whole “this is a 60th Anniversary which includes…” to onlookers, some asked if there was any distinction.

    It would have been cool to have something like that 50th logo right over the side turn markers or on the rear.

    Any after-market ideas??? 🙂

  2. I’ve written a little post on my blog about using other people’s material – I think it right to explain how material ends up on the SAAB 900 Special Editions website.

    Aside from that, you are, of course, right about the manual turbo being “the” classic 900 to get, but the auto box and the normally aspirated cars do have their places.

    We own an auto convertible and I must say, it’s serene! I love driving it. I have also owned a lowly 8V 900i and have to regard it as my favourite classic 900 yet. Gosh! That’s a statement! Bullet-proof – it “just worked” … no full boost one day, basic the next … no over-rich one day, lean the next … and not that much of a slouch. At 120 BHP it did move. I loved that car 🙁

  3. Curious, though unsurprising that you should mark me a ‘he’ when I am, in fact a she.

    I accepted an offer on the car earlier today, although it’s a shame this post didn’t come sooner, as I made have had a better one!

    I live (and drive) in London, as well as covering a lot of miles north to south in the UK. I loved driving an auto … not necessarily all cars but certainly the 900. Everyone I’ve had drives and handles beautifully, so it’s a shame you’ve had experiences on the contrary.

    There is nothing wrong with the gearbox on the Jubilee and there was plenty of time to ask and arrange a drive but no one did!

    If any one is interested in making me a better offer, fire away!



  4. …. I had an 8v 900i too … a crazy woman in an suv drove into the side of it though … I could post pics but unsure if you can here … ?


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