Saab 92 races and wins class

Last week we had the story of the oldest Saab in the US, a Saab 92 owned by Tom Donney, running in a re-enactment of the original Elkhart Lake Rally.

There was a last minute spanner in the works, though, as the original driver had to pull out at the last minute.

I’m pleased to pass on the following from Tim Winker, who provided the info for the previous entry and participated in the event.


I spent a lot of time on the cell phone during my seven hour drive to Elkhart Lake, and eventually Marty Adams, a 2nd generation Saab dealer from Iowa, agreed to make the trip.

I was able to take the SAAB 92 around the Road America race track for a few laps and have a few photos as proof. Someone in a Mercedes was following the 92 and took video but I haven’t seen it yet.

We had a great time driving the elderly 92 on the rally through the hills and twisties of the Kettle Morain region around Elkhart Lake. All 25 horses were called on many times and the suspension and brakes got a pretty good workout.

Best of all, we won the rally! Or at least we won the Vintage category (7th overall out of 21 cars). The rally was a time-speed-distance tour, so accuracy was necessary. It was not easy keeping up to the speeds designed for the newer Corvettes, Porsches and Ferraris that were entered, but we did well enough.

Thanks to Trio Motors of Flint Michigan for providing some traveling cash, to Marty Adams and to his wife Annette for letting him have the day off, and to Tom Donney for letting us use his rare car for this event.

And thanks also to the spirit of Larry Williams, who rescued the 92 and got it running. I swear Larry was with us in the car and telling us to drive the damn thing the way it was meant to be driven.


Great to hear! 25 horsepower. Unbelievable.

Tim’s also posted a couple of photos of the car over the weekend.

Thanks, Tim for keeping us updated, and I should also pass on thanks to Tom Donney as well for allowing this car to run and be seen. All the cars in the Saab Museum back in Sweden are kept operational and it’s a great thing to see these classics out and about.

Saab 92

Saab 92

Saab 92

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  1. Great stuff. Paint job inlcuded that thing looks great. So uncool it’s super-cool.

    Reminds me of seeing a 96 (I think) about 15 years ago on a street of St Kilda (Melbourne). I looked at that thing for the longest time even though I new bugger-all about Saab. I did know that they were an aircraft manufacturer and just though the 96 looked fantastic.

  2. I noticed that it’s LHD. Isn’t that strange? This car was imported from Sweden before Saabs were sold in the U.S. and at that time in Sweden I believe that they used to drive RHD cars. It was sometime in the late 50s that they switched to LHD. That’s why the Sonetts (1) are all RHD but later models are LHD. Maybe someone converted this car when they brought it to the States?

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