Saab 96: The Heidelberg Project

When I mentioned that I’d be heading to Detroit for the NAIAS, plenty of people mentioned that Detroit isn’t much of a tourist destination. Some comments make the place sound downright scary. That’s OK, as I won’t be there for long enough to have much of a look around or get into trouble anyway.

But if I do get a chance then maybe I’ll have time to visit Heidelberg Street.

Heidelberg ProjectHeidelberg Street is the site of the The Heidelberg Project. It started back in 1986 when a guy named Tyree decided to clean up his neighborhood. Tyree, his grandfather and a bunch of neighborhood kids started cleaning up the streets, eventually turning the houses and vacant lots into giant paintings and sculptures.

It’d be an interesting place to see if you’re into that sort of stuff, which I am.

This isn’t just about going to Detroit, though. There’s a Saab connection. This whole post started when Robert N sent me a couple of links to ‘different’ Saabs. One of them is part of the Heidelberg Project. As you can see, it painted out in the spotted theme of the Project.

Saab 96 Heidelberg Project

For those that are interested in seeing a little more of the urban art in Heidelberg Street, the official website is at the link above. The Saab photo came from this collection at Flickr.

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  1. Swade, if you go to Detroit, an absolute “must see” is The Henry Ford Museum. You’ll want the better part of a whole day there. It’s about much more than cars. Just ignore the fact the Ford owns Ovlov (at least for the present).

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