Saab 99 and 900 – The Complete Story

Saab 99 and 900 by Lance Cole It is with no small amount of shame that I have to admit being a Saab blogger for over two and half years and never writing a review on one of the most useful and readable Saab books that an enthusiast could ever add to their collection.

That book, of course, is Lance Cole’s Saab 99 and 900 – The Complete Story.

I actually thought that I had written about it, and was poised to write a note here about the fact that it’s gone into a reprint this year. When I searched for what would have been my original review, I was stunned to find that I hadn’t actually done one.

And then I figured it out – do you know why I haven’t done one?

It’s because Lance lurks here 🙂

He does. And it’s a little scarier to review a book that you admire by a person you admire, have swapped emails with and regard as a friend, when you know there’s a chance they’ll be looking. So I put it off. And somewhere along the line my subconscious mind managed to convince the rest of me that it had been done.

So, to make up for lost time and my own tragic oversight….


First published back in 2001, this book should be regarded as the quintessential reference for 99 and 900 owners, and all other Saab enthusiasts interested in that period of the company’s history.

Packed with facts, anecdotes and rare photography, this book traces the origins of Saab’s major models of the late 60s, 70s and 80s.

It’s appropriate that these two landmark models in Saab’s history have been covered together. The Saab 900 is regarded by a majority of Saab enthusiasts as the Saabiest Saab, but without the 99, there wouldn’t have been a 900.

The documentation covering the history of the Saab 99 is comprehensive, and was particularly pleasing for me as a former owner of several 99s. Chapters on the 99 cover the car right back to its conceptual days back in the early 1960s and include several of Sixten Sason’s initial sketches. It’s interesting to look through these and see that the rear of the car was largely settled well before the front end design.

The book also gives a good insight into the personalities involved. The great thing about a car company like Saab is that it’s small enough to feel like you get to know these personalities. Many of them are still alive today and should you get to Sweden for a Saab Festival in the future, there’s a chance you could meet some of them. I was fortunate enough to do just that earlier this year and my chance meeting with Bjorn Envall is something I’ll never forget. That brief meeting was enhanced by knowing a little more about what he did through the stories recorded in books like this.

There’s only one chapter specifically on the Saab 900 as a model, but it’s far and away the longest chapter of the book. Those of you who have read Lance’s comments here know that he’s a big advocate of vehicle safety and naturally, the book provides great coverage of Saab’s safety development for both the 99 and it’s evolution in the 900.

There’s also a record of all the styling changes made to the 900 throughout the years and attention is paid to a number of special editions produced by Saab throughout the 900’s life. The buyer’s guide is a very handy resource as well, with tips on engine condition, the turbo, gearbox, suspension, tyres, brakes, electrics, steering, bodywork, accident damage and interior – all with the assistance of the technical director of the Saab Owners Club UK.

The book is 160 pages from front to back and is divided into 10 chapters. In terms of content, it’s slightly more weighted toward the 99 but has plenty of 900 detail in there as well.

The chapters are as follows:

    1 – Saab before the 99
    2 – Project Gudmund
    3 – Saab 99 – Styling Standpoint
    4 – Strength and Safety
    5 – The 99 Unveiled
    6 – Turbo Years
    7 – Reincarnation – The 900
    8 – Competition Cars
    9 – Buying a classic Saab
    10 – Finale

There’s also several appendices covering production figures, plant output, drawing, details and a summarised buyer’s guide.


I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s very, very readable and comes with great, rare pictures from the vehicles’ development and building phases.

If you count the 99-900-9000 as Saab’s “middle period” then this is a fantastic record covering two-thirds of that chapter in Saab’s history.

As mentioned earlier, Saab 99 and 900 – The Complete Story, is now in a second printing and should be readily available.

Elkparts have the book listed in their catalog and I imagine have good stocks, though the book is also available elsewhere as well.

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  1. Thanks Swade and everyone.

    The book was not perfect but a decent stab at it. Had lots of help.

    Some of the errors in it were mine or others -they have been addressed in the reprint -notably my claim of “chrome bumpered” 99s. I meant stainless steel with a chrome effect of course!

    You should see the pile of letters I have had on that one…

    The Saab book came out at the same time as my book on the Vickers VC 10 airliner – that had a foreword by Concorde test pilot Brian Trubshaw – I was with him when he got done for speeding and the American policeman said “Say old man s’pose you think your’e a Concorde test pilot do ya” And Brian replied, “Well actually yes I am…”

    Priceless. Brian liked Saabs too.

    One day Swade will write a Saab story too- well he is already- here – and it’s great.

    Just to say ,I get real pleasure reading this site every day – far more than my book could do.

  2. Well Lance, I hope you get a cut of every copy sold as I just ordered it from after reading Swade’s review! For some reason it “ships within 4 to 6 weeks”. I can’t wait to receive and read it. Thanks for the heads-up on this book, Swade.

  3. When I bought my 2001 Saab Viggen in 2005, the previous owner generously included a number of books and magazines with car.

    One of them was Lance’s ‘Saab 99 and 900 – the Complete Story.’ I spent the better part of that Fall finally getting clued in to the fact that Saab made other cars beside the 900. I also fell in love with the 99 Turbo through that book, eventually buying one in December 2005 and starting the 99 Turbo Registry in ’07. Thank you, Lance.

  4. Swade and Lance.
    I’m the historian of the U.S. Stag club. I have a question for you. Have either one of you ever heard of 48 Stag/99’s build as a test run to see if they could use the Triumph v8? There is a least one such car in the U.S. though what it is, and how it came to be, is very badly understood. Could you shed any light on this topic?
    Chris Hansel Stag Club USA

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