Saab amongst best pre-owned programs in the US

Always good to get some pleasant news in….thanks Pierre.

Saab’s Certified Pre-Owned program has been named by Intellichoice in the top five CPO luxury class programs in the US: initiated a certified pre-owned awards program eight years ago to address the significant growth of the CPO offering and consumer demand for comprehensive analysis. Programs are rated on a set of criteria that consumers identify as having the most value, such as extended car warranties, title verification, certification inspection process and roadside assistance in addition to special financing and return exchange policies…..

….The most important considerations cited by consumers when shopping for a certified pre-owned vehicle are the automobile warranties and inspections offered by the manufacturers.

Saab placed well amongst a list of strong brands, finishing fourth in Intellichoice’s rankings just ahead of Lexus, yes….Lexus, in fifth.

The Top 10 in the Luxury class were as follows:


Saab’s Certified Pre-Owned program gives buyers an extra two years on the factory warranty, meaning it’s six years all up from the first in-service date. Failing any of the following conditions means that a vehicle cannot be considered for sale under the CPO program:

    Over 60,000 miles
    Older than 2003 model year
    Warranty claim inquiry discrepancy
    Unresolved problem found on Carfax Vehicle History Report
    TMU (True Mileage Unknown) odometer reading
    Frame, fire, and/or flood damage

You can find out all the terms conditions and the fine print for the CPO program here.

Congratulations SaabUSA. Good to have some good news coming in.


Now where’s that European Delivery Program….

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  1. That’s great, because I really only buy used cars. The depreciation from new really is a financial drain. This program costs money, but it’s obviously worth it if you do it well.

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