Saab atop Gaywheels listings again

Just a quick note to – um – note that the Saab 9-3 was, for the third quarter in a row, the second most researched car at

With the recent run in a 9-3 convertible by the gay rally team in the Fireball run, I’d have thought that maybe they’d top the list. Alas, it was not to be.

The #1 spot was also a three-times-consecutive winner, the Toyota Yaris.


By the way, I never covered the final result of the Fireball Run.

The GLAM Team, driving a Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible, finished 2nd in the luxury class and 11th overall. The final chapter of the event diary is here.

And below is a quick video that shows a very small amount of driving.

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  1. With the common estimation that up to 10% of all people are gay (except in Iran, reportedly), I doubt that many paid attention to the exploits of the Fireball run. I hate to generalize anything, but I don’t think gay people in general are that into automobile racing.

    As for the Yaris topping the list, it just shows that gay people are conscious of the environment. The Yaris gets the best fuel economy of any non-hybrid, non-diesel car in the U.S. Again, generalizing: gay people are wealthier on average than the typical straight person so it’s not as if the deciding factor is to save money on gas.

  2. Jesus tapdancing Christ, what does the 9-3 have to do to top the Yaris on this stupid list? Should Saab start some sort of heterosexual offset program? [I kid!]

    I think Gripen is right about most gay people not really caring about performance when they look for a car. It’s just statistics, it isn’t really generalizing. To me, the Yaris (and the Prius) is the epitome of looking for practicality over fun factor.

    That reminds me, I was watching American Dad the other day, and the gay news anchors (Scott and Terry) were having a fight. One of them drove up to something in a Saab (license plate: CATCHR) and ran off. The other one then drove up in ANOTHER Saab (license plate: PITCHR) and chased after him. I totally cracked up.

  3. interesting polling category: “most researched vehicles.” …kinda makes me want to infer that, that means “sales.” the category is pretty creative because it looks like it tries to answer the big question (“what car do you drive?”) without actually asking.

    so, i wonder how high is the correlation between researching (a particular model) and then purchasing (it). given saab’s sales, i’m guessing the correlation is not very high.

    nevertheless, kudos to saab for the poll results, though.

  4. Exactly why would a certain car be better for a gay person than a straight person? I don’t understand the whole “Gaywheels” concept.

  5. “The most important fact revealed in this data is that our community clearly supports companies that treat us with respect. And for that, we thank all the gay-friendly companies in all industries in the U.S. classifies all vehicle manufacturers as gay-friendly or not based on their corporate policies for offering domestic-partner benefits to their employees in the U.S.” –


    other than that, i don’t know.

  6. Janky –

    As saab9x noted, Gaywheels is a great resource for knowing WHO not to give your money to for a new car. For example, BMW rates poorly because of its discriminatory benefits practices. So, one important role that Gaywheels plays is to make sure folks are educated on what brands not to support.

  7. I think the 9-3SS really brought gay consumers ‘out of the closet’ as its an extension of ones personality. Saab’s are stylish (important in the ‘gay world’), not too in-your-face sporty but sporty nonetheless and exclusive.

    Having said that I love Saab’s and BMW’s. I loathe Audi just because their sales people are so rude here. Would you ask a couple with a join income approaching $100000 with no kids who just happen to be gay if they are “in the market for a car of this class.” As said to me by an Audi dealer here in Vancouver. I was, quite literally, mortified and said “well, seeing as you put in that way I dont think your suped-up VWs are good enough for my money!!”, turned and walked away.

  8. Being the self-absorbed, heterosexual male that I am, I find this piece of information very interesting. And at the same time wonderful news for Saab – and a credit to them.

    I’m curious, do people think there are certain stereotypes with cars and their owners?

  9. The gay community likes to put their spin on everything, from cars to videogames, just like every other minority. You can find a black, female, gay, and NAMBLA member voice on every topic in the known universe, whether it’s really needed or not.

    Frankly, if they’re helping Saab, I don’t care who they are :p

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