Saab dealer cash in the US

I posted on 2008 Saab deals from SaabUSA yesterday. The only deals mentioned on the SaabUSA website relate to leasing a 2008 model Saab. There’s no incentive cash for customers on the site, as there is for 2007 models.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t cash out there.

As has been mentioned in comments, and as mentioned here some time ago, there IS some dealer cash on the 2008 models.

As I understand it, dealer cash is money made available to dealers by GM, but not publicised. the dealers can eat into this amount to offer customers a better deal. If the customers don’t know about it, then the dealer gets a better cut on the sale. There’s probably more to it than that, but that’s my understanding.

Wulf has been kind enough to provide a pdf on incentives from Automotive News. I’ve taken a screenshot of the bit relating to Saab:

Saab Incentives

So, the dealer cash is there, you’ve just got to let the dealer know that you know about it, and then get him to part with some of it.

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  1. Dealer cash does not have to be disclosed to the customer. Customer Cash has to be passed along to the customer. I would say as a dealer, If you let the dealer make $800-1000 that would be a fair deal. So you have invoice minus $1500-1800 I feel that would be a fair deal.

  2. There is cash, but it is an either/or situation. You can take low rate financing/lease rate or the $2500 cash.. where there is big money on the 2007 models esp. for Saab owners.

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