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I’m a little red-faced to say that I’m not much of an environmentalist. I recycle, my wife and I carpool most of the time, and I’ve installed a few energy-saver light bulbs. I’m pro-biofuels but I also love giving the car a bit of welly. And whilst I once enjoyed a bit of cycling, the mere thought of it nowadays makes my legs ache.

Gripen’s much more of a greenie than I am. I’m sure he’d ride a bike more often if he wasn’t out in the sprawling suburbia of LA. Given his interest, Gripen thought he’d check out Saab’s two-wheeled offering:


Saab has often been criticized by supporters and critics alike in recent years for bringing products to market “too late”. An oft-pointed-to example of this is how Saab entered the SUV market with the 9-7x just as the SUV market was cooling-off and transitioning apparently to “crossover” vehicles being the next hot trend.

The automotive industry seems to be cyclical in regards to trends. In the 1980s when the “minivan” was the hot segment to have an offering in, sales of coupés dropped drastically. Whilst families saw the practicality in owning a minivan, it eventually became a symbol of giving up on your dreams and trading-in your life and it was no longer fashionable.

Enter the Sport Utility Vehicle. You can still fit the wife and 2.5 kids and the family dog in there, but now it will look to others like you’re about to take the family up the side of Mount Kilimanjaro. After a while there was a backlash upon SUV owners and now we have the kinder, gentler “crossover” vehicle.

Saab’s missed/ignored most of these waves, but I’m pleased to report that Saab is releasing a ‘vehicle’ just as the trend is taking off. No, I’m not referring to their upcoming crossover. I’m referring to the Saab Everywhere Bike.

Saab Everywhere Bike

The Saab Everywhere Bike is a “city bike” designed by Dutch bicycle firm Biomega.

It features a foldable design which allows one to fold the bike small enough to fit in the smallest of Saab trunks (that of the convertible). Further, if one needed to take one’s bicycle into an elevator or a confined space like a stairwell the bike folds up small enough to do so as to not be unwieldy.

The bike also features eight gears with hidden cables (they’re internal to the frame), disc brakes, and includes an integrated cable bike lock. The cable is actually a structural element that acts as the downtube when the bike is unfolded, so if a thief were to cut the cable to steal the bike it’d be all but useless to him as it would just collapse when the thief tries to unfold it. Saab Bike RackAlso available is an optional carrier which affixes to the seat post and allows one to carry a light load .

The picture below is of another related Biomega product, the Puma Urban Mobility bike (US$775), and you can see what the carrier looks like attached to the bike.

Puma Bike

I’ve looked-into it and though some of Saab’s automotive competition have offered bicycles in the past, they oftentimes are either straight road (race) bicycles or high-tech mountain bikes. Saab is the only one offering a “city bike” as best as I can tell. Audi used to sell a couple of mountain bikes designed by their Quattro GmbH division but I don’t think they sell them anymore, Mercedes-Benz has a “hybrid” bike, which is a bicycle with electric motor assist, and I’m pretty sure F.A. Porsche design used to sell a road bicycle.

The Saab Everywhere Bike is available from Saab Expressions for SEK10.705,000; €1 190,00; £812,50; or US$1,169.00 (from the U.S. Saab Expressions store. The European Saab Expressions store is charging over US$1,500.00) depending on your local currency plus shipping charges. The carrier doesn’t appear to be available to U.S. buyers unless it’s ordered through the non-U.S. Saab Expressions store and shipped internationally ($90 plus shipping/handling). Those of you in Great Britain might be able to save some shipping costs by ordering the bike and carrier through Elkparts, which is also selling the bike for less (£749,00) than Saab Expressions.

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and avoid a lot of urban congestion. The Saab Everywhere Bike is the right product at the right time from Saab.

Saab Everywhere Bike

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  1. Biomega is a company from Denmark, my girlfriend bought the Biomega boston (cocoa) a few months ago, I really love the scandinavian design, it looks fantastic and it goes very smooth. It’s cool to see the Saab logo on it but imo the biomega fontdesign is more appealing. don’t forget to check other Biomega bikes, they’re top notch quality.

  2. As much as I admire the design the visual appear of the bike, I don’t see they selling many. Who is it aimed at? City commuters? Would you leave a $1500 bike on a street locked to a fencepost? Hell no!

    If you’re looking for a city bike, you’ll likely have a much lower budget. And if you have that much money to spend (and you know your bikes), chances are, you’ll be getting a different brand, unless you’re a die hard Biomega fan.

    Either way, it’s hardly more than an overpriced novelty item ;[

  3. I just saw this yesterday as I was looking to purchase replacement Saab sunglasses (I sat on mine 🙁 )

    This is when I realized SaabUSA no longer carries “Saab Expressions” or all the Saab gifts and accessories. When did this happen and why did they stop this service.

    Now I have to pick stuff up from Elkparts or directly from Europe :/

  4. Charles, why do you say that? If you go to the saabusa web site, and under “About Saab”, click on “Gifts and Gear” (not a logical location in my opinion) it takes you to the Saab Expressions site. I bought the 92001 URSAAB from them for $31.50, much cheaper than Elkparts. They seem to have sold out on that though. 🙁

  5. I agree that the price of the Saab Everywhere Bike is a bit steep, but the point of the article was mainly to point-out that Saab is actually competing in a market while it’s “hot”, even beating their competition there! 😛

    As Ted Y pointed-out, the U.S. Saab Expressions store can be directly linked-to by going to and the Europe/Asia/Australia/Canada one (strange that they didn’t put Canada with the U.S. and make it a “North American” store) can be found at

    The Saab bike can no longer be found at the U.S. Saab Expressions website for some reason. I wrote the article above a few weeks ago and Swade didn’t have the time to edit and post it until now so apparently in that timeframe the bike became unavailable. I’m praising Saab for something one minute and then… 😮

  6. Ted, I know you can still go there, but the stuff I looked into was “out of stock”.

    I also swung by my Saab dealership and asked if they had any Saab sunglasses (we got the sunglasses online, but I did pick up a mug from the dealership). And they stated that they are no longer able to purchase the goods to sell in the dealership. So I don’t know :/

  7. Ken H: Biomega is a Scandinavian firm, and IMHO the Saab Everywhere Bike looks a heck of a lot better than a Strida. The Saab Everywhere Bike is also more functional, as a good Saab should be. It has eight speeds for those urban hills to the Strida’s one.

    If we’re looking for something more compact they can just sell the Saab Everywhere Folding Unicycle! 😛

  8. Swade, no need to apoligize for not being an enviromentalist. Despite what you may have heard it does not mean you are a bad person, or you hate the world.

  9. Could anyone confirm for me that the SAAB Everywhere Bike will in fact fit into the boot (trunk) space of a 2006 SAAB 9-3 Convertible?


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