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There’s two great sets of Saab photos that have popped up on Flickr today and a mere inclusion in a snippets entry just didn’t feel like it would do them justice.

The first one belongs to a guy who’s black 900 ‘Viggen’ was featured here at TS a few weeks ago. “Daniel_Swe” has been shooting some more shots with his new wide angle lens and they make for compulsory viewing….

Saab 9-3 Quadpipes

Click to view Daniel’s Cars folder.

Not only do we have a bunch of very high quality shots here, but WHERE THE HECK CAN I GET ME SOME OF THEM QUAD PIPES!!!!!

Daniel, if you’re reading this, please let me know…. (hmmmm, maybe I should just get off my arse and contact him through Flickr.)


Second is one that’ll be of most interest to those of you who attended the Kinnekulle track meet at Saab Festival back in June.

SaabRobz, who’s E85 rally car shots featured on the weekend, has posted some photos from the day on his Flickr space.

V4 at Kinnekulle

I’ll admit a bit of a personal interest here. SaabRobz is obviously a skilled photographer as he even managed to make a certain boof-headed blogger look like he was travelling quickly…..

Swade at Kinnekulle

Truth is, I was in an automatic diesel and I was going as slow as a wet week and being passed by everyone. But geez, it was fun.

SaabRobz has also shot some pics of his own convertible, which are well worth checking out, too.

Robz Saab Vert

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  1. Clearly a man of taste – check out that architecture.

    Swade, Richo – you too can have those quad pipes, custom wheels & AP Racing(?) brakes and who knows what else is hidden under the hood; but you have to submit to a very special kind of madness – and there is no going back.

  2. Look at mine as the mould is almost identical without the allen screws on each of the stems. They are literally the same and can be purchased for A$2K + GST as this is what I paid.

  3. Hi Joe,

    Was thinking about your wheels on the weekend ( still haven’t upgraded mine) but I’ve lost the photos. Would you mind re-sending to me when you have a chance?

  4. Saab take note….the old body style of the 92 updated would make a unique 9-1…handsome, styulish, retro and new. It looks fabulous in this photo

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