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Many of you should be familiar with Robin M. His daughter shot one of the very early SOTW photos ever shown here. Robin drove with his brother in law, Phill, from the UK to Sweden for Saab Festival. His 9-5 SportCombi had a big 60th Anniversary message written on the back window and got a good look in on my Kinnekulle video. Aside from all that, he’s just a top bloke and we all had a great time over there in Sweden.

Well, Robin’s been singing his 9-5’s praises for some time now. As a consequence, the number of Saabs in the extended family has jumped from one to THREE!

click to enlarge.


That’s Robin’s 9-5 on the road. The 9-3SC featured on this site a few months ago when it was being delivered on the back of a truck (the non-colored door handles were a small issue, hence the report) and that belongs to Robin’s sister-in-law, Annette.

Pleased with the SportCombi, and no-doubt encouraged by Robin’s enthusiasm, Annette’s husband Gary just picked up the Anniversary Convertible last week, and all reports indicate that everyone concerned couldn’t be happier. Surprised that there was nothing on the car to show it’s special-edition nature, Gary even got some quite distinctive decals made up:

20th Anni Decal

Just in case that’s difficult to make out, there’s a copy of the design below in black and white. There’s one there on the back and one above the turn signal lights, on the front quarter.

Very subtle and very smart.

Congratulations to the extended Saab family. And Saab GB, I can provide Robin’s address for the commission, if required πŸ˜‰

Now to work on Phill………

20th Anni sticker

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  1. Interesting to read that old SOTW post. At that time, GM just sold it’s stake in Subaru and Swade was about to pick up his next Saab. πŸ™‚

  2. Any real anniversary convertible has a etched looking decal in the small rear side windows and they are each numbered. If it does not have that its not a real “anniversary convertible” and is just the same color of blue. There are many many of these in sweden. The real ones have the special blue stripes on the seats and a few other things. Unless im mistaken and they made them for other markets and didnt mark them accordingly. . .

  3. As I understand it, the Cerulean Blue (electric blue in some countries) was only available on the limited edition 20 year convertible. It was, however, available on the Convertible after that year but without the special seats. It wasn’t and is not available on the SS or SW. I have never seen one with numbers on the side windows. It was never a limited edition, just there if you wanted to buy one with-in that year. If i’m wrong then Saab please let me know. Gary’s does have the stripe in the seats.

  4. I think you’re correct there, Robin. The US had 400 numbered V6 Anni models, but the color was available after they sold out.

    Here in Oz, you were able to get the color and the seats etc in V6 or 4cyl and they were referred to as Anni models, and I’m sure it was the same in GB.

    Just different setups in different countries. That’s all.

  5. 400 were made but maybe that was just for the us??

    Reading up on TS it seems other markets didnt get a designated number of these convertibles. Seems odd… I tried finding a picture of the markings in the windows but finding a picture of a saab convertible with the top UP is nearly impossible! πŸ™‚

  6. I remember being at the Detroit autoshow in ’06 and the Anniversary Edition convertible Saab displayed had a little etching in the rear driver’s side window that said “no. x of 400″; 20th Anniversary Edition”

    Maybe Saab put the etching on the US models and not on the other ones. That puzzles me, though.

  7. I thought Spenchian drove a 9-5? I remember reading that he picked it because he thought it was the best car in GM’s portfolio at the time. Maybe he still has the 9-5.

    Or maybe he’s switched to a Buick :p

  8. hi —person. πŸ˜›
    between us I think Swade and Iight have worked it out. It was a limited edition of 400 in the USA but a special edition including options here in the UK and in Australia (dont know about the rest of the world)

  9. ……….love those decals, they would be ideal for my newly renovated Saab 93 ( featured on this site – the Scottish Saab ! )….how do i get some of those decals….please contact me with details someone ! ! !

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