Saab get sniffed

Aaaah, it was OK for me to snicker at the Audi A5 being a right sodding mess, and I chortled when no-one else had done the Mini Clubman because it was a sh!t idea……

Yes, Sniff Petrol have taken to the new Saab 9-3.

Sniff Petrol Saab

Sensitive Swedes may want to skip to the next post. For the rest of you, click here.


Seriously, I almost wet myself going through all their “not-advertisements” again. Do yourself a favour.

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  1. Top shelf entertainment.
    ‘We keenly monitor what car buyers like,’ said a spokesman who is speaking now. ‘For example, a few years ago we noticed that everyone was fascinated by pictures of Euro NCAP crash tests so we came up with the Z4 which permanently looks like it’s been in some sort of accident. In the case of the Mini Clubman, we realised that people are always interested in spy pics of disguised pre-production cars, so we decided to make a showroom car that was as crude and lumpen as they are’.

    The old skool snif has well documented articles in its archives, for example:

  2. I’ve never heard that expression before, topping off means refilling a drink or your gas tank around here. I’ve also never heard the word “suiciding.”

    If I didn’t like the new 9-3 so much, this ad would be hilarious.

  3. Topping as in removing the top. We use the word that way in horticulture (topping trees, etc.) and in construction (topping a hill, etc.).

    It took me a while to realize that he was actually making fun of the relatively high suicide rate in Scandinavia — something that we probably wouldn’t do here. There’s a tangent there to be chased, but I’ll leave it for now.

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