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Spain is currently Saab’s fourth biggest market. The numbers fall away after the “big three” and Spain took over from Germany as number four last year.

EduSaab has been kind enough to shoot through some Saab news, Spanish style….Thanks Eduard – Saabludos!!

Turbo X

Spain’s allotment of Turbo X’s will be limited to 30 vehicles. Apparently it’s first come, first serve.

It’d be interesting to tally up how many are going to each market. Or maybe I should just write to Saab Sweden and ask…..

Sales figures

Saab 9-3 – 358 units sold in September 2007
Saab 9-5 – 18 units sold in September 2007

A total of 374 units, up from 306 units in Sept 2006, an increase of 22%

For the year to date, Saab spain have sold 3,553 units of the Saab 9-3 and 266 units of the Saab 9-5. There’s also been 4 units of Saab 9-7x sold in 2007.

There are only 3 dealers in Spain that sell the 9-7x, its an unofficial distribution. The dealers that want to distribute the 9-7x, must pay about 40000 euros for, training, tools and assistance of Saab for the distribution of the model.

Total accumulated sales in 2007 – 3,823 This is a 5.2% increase over 2006 – 3,634 (and Germany’s had 2,996 so far, so Spain is still 4th over all)


About 70-80% of sales are for 1.9TID engine (150bhp and 120bhp)

Saabs were previously distributed by Porsche in Spain and were therefore seen as an elitist brand there. People were worried about the service and repair costs, thinking that Saabs had the same parts etc as the Porsches. Of course, in the case of the 9000 Aero, the Saabs were faster 😉

Now that Saabs are marketed with Opels the image has gone somewhat downmarket. Saab’s real recognition in Spain came when the TiD engine was introduced in the late 1990s. This increased again with the release of the 9-3 Sport Sedan and continues to grow.

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  1. Local SAAB dealer has told me that on what he was told when he visited SAAB Sweden recently that the total Turbo X’s for Australia is 20 , my firm order with deposit is already in, with an expected 2008 June delivery . Expect that one of the Euro based SAAB tuners will purchase a Turbo X and will possibly be offering upgrades

  2. Msgd, what do you take as reference??

    Dealers in cities, has higher prices in man work, but about parts, Porsche are quite higher than Saab.

    September Sales,
    329 Saabs, reduction of 15,2% compared to 2006.

    4148 accumulated, increase of 3,2%.

    September it was a very bad month in Spain for Automotive Sales. And this reduction will continue.

  3. Saab UK are guaranteeing 1 car per dealer at the moment (Approx 90 dealers I think). The total production run worldwide is 2000.

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