Saab UK sales data – September 2007

As always, I’ve forgotten and dragged my feet on UK sales data.

There’s been some talk in the past of some mild number-rigging in the UK through pre-registration of cars i.e. they’re sitting in dealer forecourts already registered and counting as having been sold. Recent comments have noted that perhaps this practice is slowing down, which is a good thing as distribution of the 2008 model 9-3 begins. Pre-reg tends to hurt resale and reputation and the 2008 model is so good it shouldn’t be burdened with such things.

If it is slowing down, then perhaps it’s reflected in 2007 sales, which are down around 11% in the UK.

So far this year, Saab GB have sold 19,298 vehicles compared with 21,744 for Jan-Sep in 2006.


For September, vehicle sales were down 9.8%.

Saab GB sold 4,095 vehicles, which was 400 less than for the same month last year.

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  1. Salesdata Norway, September:

    Sept 2007 (2006)
    9-3: 180 (124)
    9-5: 40 (81)

    Jan-Sept 2007 (2006)
    9-3: 1499 (954)
    9-5: 242 (713)

    Source: Opplysningsrådet for veitrafikken (

    So the 9-3 is doing very well, and the 9-5 sales are a disaster. As a whole, Saab is selling better than the previous year.

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