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The Saab 99T register coming out of the US,, has recently been updated with the addition of a discussion board. There’s also a high-mileage leaderboard there and the top 10 vehicles have amassed over 2 million miles between them (and as a note to Bill H, if you sign up and put my old 99T on there, you’ll steal a spot on that leaderboard – sorry Greg!)

They’ve got 35 99T’s on their register and I’d suggest if you’ve got one that you consider adding it to their list. It’s an international register and anything dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the 99 Turbo is a good thing.


Ryan at Saabhistory has picked on the fact that John has just started an Elkparts blog.

As well as updates on the British postal service, it seems you’ll get all the latest product news as new stuff arrives. Elkparts have been long term supporters of this site and I know many of you have supported Elkparts in kind, so thanks.

The site has an RSS feed, so add it to your subscriptions and keep up to date.


Auto Motor and Sport picked up on the Turbo X market allocations story yesterday and whilst my Swedish is still too limited to read it, Motor Authority are reporting that the Swedes are not amused with an allocation of just 175 units.

With a surprisingly generous 500 units destined for the UK, surely there’s time for re-consideration and a better balance to be struck? How will the STCS cope with so few cars?


The Lutz-ification of Saab continues….

Bob’s now running dealerships and corrupting their inventory pages. This from a dealer in Minnesota.

Saab dealer

It’s probably just a coding error or something, but there’s three full pages of Caddies in this Saab dealer’s inventory page and not a Saab to be seen anywhere.

I hope it’s a coding error….


And finally, the ever-growing Lone Star Saab Club attended an Autumnbahn car show in Houston recently. Saab ended up with the third-biggest representation at the local event, with 7 cars in attendance.

Lone Star Saab Club
photo: the brilliant Abe Covello.

Also in attendance were some Houston Rockets cheerleaders, though no word if T-Mac or Yao showed up.

The non-German award was won by a Volvo at the event, an outcome that Mike B is clearly bitter about and seeking some well-deserved revenge for next year. more power to ya.

Read the account and see the other photos here at LSSC’s website.

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  1. I’d better add my trio to the 99T registry, but at my current rate of use it won’t be long before I’m knocked off the leaderboard!

  2. Hate to tell you but in the good ole USA Saab dealers can by any and I repeat any GM car off lease at the GMAC auction. So if Mr. Morrie Saab which are very difficult to deal with, want to sell caddies aginst the other caddie dealees in MN then he can have at it. Its about the dollars and not the pride anymore since GM has their hand up Saab’s skirt.

  3. Yep – two. We have four Viggens in our club – the Monte Carlo Yellow 3-door and 5-door shown here, a Lightning Blue 5-door, and a Laser Red convertible.

    And I’ll get over being bitter – when we win next year!

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