Saabs Downunder

You’ve seen some of Jeff B’s cars before.

I’ve featured them in posts and on TS calendars.

Well, here’s all of them and all in the one place. I haven’t contacted Jeff yet to see if these are all his. I was under the impression he owned five magnificent Saabs, not SEVEN!! It matters little, as they’re worth drooling over anyway.

His website, Saabs Downunder, has a separate gallery for each car. Jeff and his wife Di were also part of the Aussie contingent at the Saab Festival in Sweden back in June and he has a fantastic gallery of pictures from the trip, too.

Following is just one pic of each car in the collection, but you’ll find heaps more at the website. Click any of these to enlarge.

I should add that Jeff has done the lions share of restoration and customisation work himself – that’s a 1980 900 there, with a custom made body kit well before Saab did body kits. Having seen and driven a number of these cars myself, I can tell you that the workmanship is first rate.

Get a napkin to catch the dribble and head on over to Saabs Downunder.

JB Saab 96

JB Saab 900

JB 900 cab


JB Carlsson

JB Viggen

JB Hirsch

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  1. That Hirsch still scares me..

    and the blue 900 beat my 900 aero buy just 2 points in a concourse de Elegance a few years back, but its a honour to loose to a car from Bryar stable..

    Awesome cars!!


  2. Yep, the other two cars Jeff used to own… the 9000 Carlsson was the 1992 (I think it was) model with the 2.3 litre HOT engine… basically a 9000 Aero!

    The other car that he doesn’t own anymore is the awesome 1990 900 Cab with the airflow kit and 16″ superaeros. I had the pleasure to get a ride in it when i first met Jeff years ago.

    Jeff really is an amazing ambassador for Saab and his cars always look immaculate!


  3. See Richo what tasteful wheels can do for any Saab ??? Even the vintage models look awesome.
    No offense to anyone but when it comes down to adding tasteful and classy touches to Saab, Jeff has got the Master’s touch. He’s in a class of his own when it comes to knowledge, dedication and ability to elevate any model. Difficult to notice but he’s even added his own touch to the Hirsch !!! I met Jeff earlier this year and enjoyed every minute of the hour or so we had and he took me for a small spin on the Hirsch. What a car !!!!. I have to meet again to finish our chat as he is an incredible person with so much passion for Saab. He and his entourage should accompany Swade to Detroit too and then to Switzerland to show those boys a few tricks to improve their own Hirsch. He may even bring back the distribution for OZ as no one seems to bother with it. He is a worthy ambassador.

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