See the Aero-X in Dallas (and the MY08 9-3)

Sewell Saab – with three showrooms in the greater Dallas area – are having an event to show off the new 2008 Saab 9-3. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it’ll be a great opportunity.

But even more exciting for some will be what might be their first up-close glimpse of the Saab Aero-X concept car.

I assume this is the replica that’s now been made and was shown off at the Saab Owners Convention back in August. Replica or not, it’s one heck of a sight.

This was emailed to me by both David W and Christian C. I assume Sewell would be happy for me to show the invitation here for the benefit of those who mightn’t have received one. The more the merrier, I say.

Saab Aero X

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  1. hey swade – please use your connections to have that tour swing through philadelphia – i would love to see that machine in person!

  2. Actually, after seeing the replica at S.O.C. I was left unimpressed. It’s as if they just took a mold of all the exterior panels on the car and put them together. I understand the process of building the replica was pricey, but other than being a life-sized model, it leaves one wanting more.

    I don’t even think that the canopy opens. And don’t even bother looking through the windows at the interior.

  3. “nosh on the designer hors d’ouvres” ?
    Oh brother, sure sounds like uppity Dallas, TX.

    Sewell is the owner of our local Cadillac, Saab, Hummer dealership “temple” here in San Antonio, TX. Even though I spotted that 1 MY08 9-3 2.0t a couple of days ago, I’ve not seen others, yet. I know a few were already pre-sold…but you’d think they’d put them out for a little bit, for traffic interest attraction!

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