Site stats – Sept 2007

Once again it’s a new month. Saab will be reporting its sales stats in various countries around the world in the next few days. As is customary, in the interests of continuing to let GM know that there’s value in this here blogosphere, here are the site stats for Trollhattan Saab in September 2007.

Sept 07 stats

That spike you see was, of course, the Turbo X. The release of those images certainly created some interest and gave the Turbo X some welcome publicity prior to the actual Frankfurt show starting. No, I didn’t get the images from Saab. No, I didn’t release them with their knowledge or blessing. And yes, Saab and I have had a brief conversation about it since the event.

The numbers for September were as follows:

207,741 pages of TS content were served during the month.

This averages out to 6,925 pages per day, served to 4,224 unique users per day. Those numbers are up by round 1,500 ppd and 700 upd, which is mostly due to the Turbo X as well as me finally adding the stat code into the ‘pages’ you see up top (i.e. download, about etc).

So, over all, a good month. Still way down on the figures I was getting pre-changeover, but slowly coming back.


These monthly stats are produced as a reminder to Saab and GM that there’s a vast opportunity out here in cyberspace to make a valid and important connection with your customers. Whilst these numbers are OK, they’re small-fry compared to what could be done with a properly focused and resourced effort.

I hope you guys take that on board. it looks a little like you’re starting to, which is a good thing.

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