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Hi all,

I’m doing a lot of work in the back end of the content management system at the moment, so posting may be slow this evening. Necessary stuff to keep the ever-present Googlies happy.

In the meantime, I’d like to make one suggestion, and have you all make a bunch of suggestions.

My suggestion: head on over to the Trollhattan Saab map and make your mark on the world. Not only is it a good looking thing that seems to be functioning OK now, it also helps me to know where people are.

Why is this useful?

When there’s a Saab media event on somewhere in the world it’d be nice to know there’s someone in the area who can attend on TS’s behalf. Gripen’s done it, and Rayman’s done it – you could do it too. But I need to know where you are.

Your suggestions: I’ve asked this once before, but I can’t find the entry.

In the left sidebar, you’ll see a section called “The best of TS”. I’ve put a couple of links in there already, but would appreciate your suggestions as to other posts from this site that could be placed there.

Any ideas or favourites, please feel free to have your say in comments.

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  1. As you know i like this site a lot and am very happy with its layout. the only item i can think of to go in the left hand side is a link to a page which contains every thing that happened at trollhattan in june.

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