Small market sales data – September 2007

This post will be used to record small market sales data for September 2007. If you live somewhere other than Sweden, the US or UK and have access to your country’s sales data then please leave a note in comments or email me with the details. I’ll update this post whenever details come to hand.


Updated for CANADA – Thanks Zippy!

Not sure of total sales for the year, but for September, Saab Canada took a battering with only 168 units sold vs 277 for the same month last year.


Updated for GERMANY – thanks to Wilhelm

Saab Germany – still the market with the most work to do – posted 353 unit sales in September, which was a 17% drop on the same month last year.

There’s been 2,996 Saabs sold in Germany so far this year, which is a 28% drop on last year.

So much potential here…..


Updated for THE NETHERLANDS! – thanks Jeroen

SAAB Overall sold 157 vehicles in September, which was a slight rise from the 150 sold in Sept 2006.

Year-to-date Saabs have sold 2,599 vehicles, which is a quite a drop from the 3,027 sold in the first 9 months of last year. Margreet has some work to do, indeed.

SAAB 9-3 – 111 units sold vs 114 last year. 2,080 sold YTD vs 2,397 last year.

SAAB 9-5 – 44 units sold vs 32 last year. 431 sold YTD vs 551 last year.

SAAB 9-7X – 2 units sold vs 4 last year. 57 sold YTD vs 79 last year.



The first new Saab, quite possibly the first in as many as two years, was sold in Malta this month!!

YTD – 1, which is one more than was sold in all of 2006. I don’t know how you can express that in percentage terms, actually, with a base of zero, but well done to the hardworking and downright top bloke who managed to move that one 😉


UPDATED for Australia!

Aussie Saab sales totalled 1,605 last year. This year, from January to September alone, they’re only 55 units away from that number.

Saab Oz manage to move 191 units in September, a 52.8% increase over the number sold in September 2006.

As mentioned, year-to-date sales now stand at 1,550, which is 15% higher than the same period in 2006.

Congratulations Saab Australia!!

…..and thanks to “lp” turbin 🙂



thanks Pika

The total market for new cars in Finland has shrunk in 2007, but Saab has still managed to grow their market share this year, albeit on smaller raw numbers.

Saab sales for the month:
Sept 07: 132 (market share 1,34%)
Sept 06: 140 (market share 1,19%)

Saab sales year-to-date:
2007: 1,298 (market share 1,19%)
2006: 1,339 (market share 1,12%)

Compared to last year, Saab’s sales are down 3.1% and whole market is down 9.2%.


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  1. I find that output quite confusing. Since I´m a huge fan of TTiD (though I haven´t tested one!) and usually quite picky on details, I´d really like to know why 9-5 TTiD got 5hp less than 9-3? Is it still the same engine?

  2. Sales Data for tiny malta :

    sales to date 1 🙂
    sales for september 1 🙂
    compared to last year 100% increase as none were sold. hehe

  3. Belgian sales for september
    07: 117 (0,3%)
    06: 138 (0,4%)

    07: 2540 (0,8%)
    06: 3220 (0,6%)

    Hopefully sales will increase again with the new 9.3

  4. I’m shocked that Finnish sales are only 1.3% market share — what do Finns buy? Volvo, I’m sure, but what’s the rest? Who’s the dominant player? VW? BMW? Skoda?

  5. I’m confused about worldwide sales being down. The ’08 9-3 is out now. Granted, it wasn’t out the whole month, but you’d think that the deep incentives to move the ’07s would have resulted in high sales. Seems like they’d have a problem even giving Saabs away.

    I’ll think on the bright side and figure that tens of thousands of buyers are waiting for the 9-3 Aero w/ XWD and/or the Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound system and/or the TTiD…

    Remember when some people were indirectly accusing Swade of being at fault for poor sales due to his breaking the MY2008 9-3 pics a few months ago? Now how ridiculous does that seem (it sounded ridiculous even back then to me…)? 🙂

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