SOTW: New York Saabers get out and about?

UPDATE- the event has been identified as Saabtoberfest (thanks Greg) and kudos should go t Tim S (Saabotaged) for taking many of the photos that appear at the link below – thanks for the updates, fellas.


I’m not sure what the event was, but I’m pretty sure SaabCentral’s Minxx is a New Yorker and she’s posted a set of photos at Flickr today.

This one was a standout and is thusly posted as a Saab O The Week, but there’s also a Sonett III, some ‘vert action and a Viggen that’s as “fast as hell”

Click here for the full set.

Saab Sonett II


The Saab O The Week section is for photos taken by Saab owners, of their machine, or others. We try and keep SOTW shots to a high standard, or if the photographic standard’s not quite there, at least with points of interest.

If you’ve got a great shot of your Saab and would like to show it off to the world, then shoot me an email with the photo attached, along with some details about yourself and the car.

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  1. They’ve got huge x huge pixel originals on Flickr and that Sonnet has just made my desktop (ousted the JL Racing 9-3).

    What I didn’t know before is that that bump on the bonnet is not an air intake but a drag-inducing device. Born From Wind Tunnels… naaaat!

  2. Yup, Saabtoberfest! Greg Abbott hit the nail on the head! In all fairness some of those pictures are done by me, shes an awesome driver and photographer, but I’m sure she’ll have a hard time photographing herself or shooting out the passenger side window 😉

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