SOTW – Plate my car edition

You might remember that I managed to secure AER-085 as the licence plate number for my 1985 Saab 900 Aero.

Well, my car has a big brother in Germany.

This is Markus’ Saab 9-5 Aero SportWagon, a 2004 model with some modifications from the house of Hirsch. The German plate system used to just allocate you a number, but apparently they’ve recently started letting people look at ureserved combinations and then book them for a meagre 20-Euro fee.

ARO 95 was born! Click through for some more images, including some black rims.


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  1. I took the liberty to check out the other-than-Saab images of Markus, too. Great pictures !

    I was particularly amazed by the Phantom Corsair and Ursaab images. I don’t know which one came out first, but it is obvious that those who designed the Ursaab, knew their Phantom Corsair (or vice versa, hopefully) .

    I’ve seen (pictures of) the Phantom before but It never occurred to me to compare it with the Ursaab as they are quite such different concepts (a Swedish people’s car vs an American ‘supercar’).

    Check it out !

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