Steve Shannon lives…and talks!

One of the ‘best Saab owners in the world’ (we’re just the bottom of the barrel here) recently got a chance to catch up with Steve Shannon at the Swedish Car Day in Boston.

It sounds like he’s a journalist by occupation as he mentions that his job involves interviewing some corporate CEOs etc (maybe he’s a psychiatrist?). It seems he’s got good retention skills, as he’s journalised the finer points of his coversation over at Saabnet.

Yes, I’m linking to an article on Saabnet. If you’re not banned from there already you can click through and read it. If you can’t, the salient points are as follows:

I said we have two 9Ks in part because of the hatch. I said it is a key feature and that hatchback sedans are missed it in the current line-up, SportCombis aside. And Steve said, “Stay tuned.” ….

….the coming AWD system is expected to be a big boost for Saab as it is something the brand needs to compete in the market today. It will *not* be limited to the already previewed 9-3…..

….Also coming soon is a common integrated interface for audio, climate control, etc., across all the models. It will not (thankfully) be a system like BMW’s iDrive system…..

….What was especially impressive is that he flew in to Boston on a weekend just for a one-day local Saab event and spent time walking around and talking to Saab owners…..


I know I give SS a bit of a hard time here sometimes for a perceived lack of visibility and action, but kudos for getting out and about. Grassroots stuff like this does have a ripple effect. We’re reading about it now, right?


As our journo buddy points out in the article, the hatch/versatility thing that he’s tld to “stay tuned” for is most likely a reference to the 9-4x. I don’t think there’s any optomism to be held for a 9-3 hatch variant here.


The HVAC and entertainment interface is a new one. I’d guess that this will probably debut with the new 9-5, being a flagship and all. The next 9-5 is supposed to have a very Aero-X inspired interior, and this sort of thing would fit right in with that theme.


Click on through and have a read.

And Scott, I’m just kidding ya, bud.

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  1. What exactly is HVAC? I thought it was some sort of all-wheel-steering on the 9-3SS. I saw the training module tab in a friend of ours’ GM training page online when we were looking for other things. He also mentioned to me some sort of new sliding sunroof deal. He hadn’t gone through all the training modules for it at the time, though, so he didn’t know too many details.

  2. It seems like “stay tuned…” is becoming the de facto replacement for “Born From Jets”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As a Saab fan, I’m getting weary of “staying tuned”. How many years now…?

    Also, IIRC, Steve Shannon is from Boston. Perhaps he’s in-town and killing two birds with one stone?

  3. Ah yes, here it is. It’s the same article where he refers to our very own Swade.

    He’s from Pembroke, Massachusetts (about 30 miles from where the Swedish Car Day was being held in Brookline, just outside of Boston) and graduated from Harvard (which for those of you who don’t know is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston).

    Now I’m sure it’s just coincidence that he showed up at this minor Swedish car event to get the pulse of the general Saab community. I expect to see him at my local events soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. “We also talked about the 9-7, and I told him upfront I was not impressed with having a Chevy wearing a Saab badge. But Steve was not defensive. He said they are selling 500-700 per month….”



    October 3rd, 2007 ยท 10 Comments

    Saab sales in the US for September were less than good.


    Sales numbers were as follows:


    Saab 9-7x: sales of the 9-7x have also fallen from 533 last year to 346 in September this year. Thatโ€™s a fall of 32.5%.


    maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t hear much from steve.

  5. OK. I know that New England’s Saab event isn’t world news. It’s not even regional news, most likely. But how did his appearance fall through the cracks? Is Saabnet the only source for this news? Has Saab fallen that far off the radar in the automotive world, did marketing not arrange a press gathering or is Steve Shannon that camera shy?

    Cameo or no, these events help build a brand. Mr. Shannon should use his rank and presence to sell cars!

    My two cents.

  6. “โ€ฆ.Also coming soon is a common integrated interface for audio, climate control, etc., across all the models. It will not (thankfully) be a system like BMWโ€™s iDrive systemโ€ฆ..”

    I too, am tired of hearing “coming soon”. It doesn’t help those of us making a buying decision soon.

    Does he mean new when CenterPoint arrives, or coming soon NEXT model year???

    I mean enough already! Give us a timeframe!

  7. That wasn’t Steve Shannon, it was a stand in!

    Ya sure it wasn’t Grip with a Steve Shannon mask, ya know, just to get us going on the subject… ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. dan: then that would mean “stay tuned” means, “wait four more years…”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As sick as we are of hearing “stay tuned”, imagine being a Saab dealer!!! ๐Ÿ™

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