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Sick. As. A. Dog.


I wrote a story a little while back on the situation with the Canadian dollar reaching parity with the US dollar. This caused a fair bit of concern for car shoppers because Canadian car prices are so much higher than comparative prices in the US. It’s actually stronger than the US$ at the moment so the difference is even more marked.

Autoblog have a story about a website that’s sprung up to help Canadians with their cross-border automotive purchasing. Those that commented here seemed pretty savvy on it anyway, but a little detailed help never hurts.


I’m not familiar with Vehix at all, but they’ve got Saabs listed at numbers 5 and 6 of their top 10 list of luxury cars under $35,000.

I suppose that’s a good thing, but it’s a bit of a worry when they’re rating the 2007 models instead of the 2008 and the accompanying picture is of a Saab 9-5. #1 on the list was a Buick Lacrosse and #2 was an FJ Cruiser. Go figure.

How do people secure funding for these sites?

Thanks Stephen


Rony Lutz has been added to the Saab Wallpaper section. Get your Xray 900 Aero here.


Bengt shot me an email about the new Nissan GT-R. Another Asian design that’s unbeautiful, but boy it’ll go like stonk!

The item of interest concerned the dial layout on the central screen display.

Born from jets?

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  1. More pictures from the Nissan GT-R central screen display can be found here:
    So SAAB, integrate a laptop with a 12″ screen into the dashboard connected to the information system of the car and let us all have the possibility to develop beutiful skins to the displays just like skins that are developed by users of the Winamp media player. 🙂
    Swade, this could actually be an interesting competion here on TS: How would the ultimate BFJ skin look like?

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