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Find your own road

I can’t tell you a darn thing about the recent Swedish Car Day, held in Boston last weekend. All I know is that it happened, there looks to have been a lot of cars there and from what ChrisCam84 tells me, people had a good time.

So, about the cars. ChrisCam84’s gallery is here, but there’s a selection below.


Looks like absolutely magnificent scenery. The building’s not too bad, either.

Swedish Car Day

The c900s were on show, led by this beautiful customised 900…..

C900 in blue

…..which also has a tastefully customised interior.

Saab 900 interior

The modern Saabs were there in force.

Saab 9-3

And that 900 wasn’t the only customised Saab on show:

Saab 9-5 jet

The GM Heritage cars were there on display:

Saab Heritage

Saab Heritage

And there’s not enough love for Lime Yellow in this world. So here’s some from me.

Lime Yellow

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  1. Wow, a 9-3SS with Gary Fisher rims! That’s a first!

    And does anyone know how do you open the doors on that silver 9-5 with the jets painted on? It was at the SOC07, and the doors did not have any handles.

  2. I watched the owner of the 9-5 without door handles open his door by remote, and the door just “popped” out an inch or so. Its certainly an interesting car.

    The 9-3SS with Gary Fisher rims belongs to my friend Nick from Maine. He had the Gary Fishers on his NG900, then decided to see what they looked like on the sport sedan, I like the result!

  3. I attended the show and there was over 150 Saabs on display with a strong showing of 900’s and the early 9-3’s. Also probably a dozen + 9000’s. The weather was fantastic for the show. The two most interesting things was that the new President of SAAB US was there. While I didn’t meet him he was wandering around the show and looking at the cars. The second thing was how SAAB’s outnumbered Volvo’s by more than 4 to 1.

    Finally while there were parking areas allocated for 9-7X and 9-2x’s I didn’t see any displayed. While I wasn’t surprised by the lack of 9-7x’s, I thought you might see a few 9-2x’s

  4. Perhaps some day, “Viggen on the hood” will carry the same cache as “Chicken on the hood” does for Ponitac.

    But hopefully not.

  5. That Viggen blue c900 is my car. Thanks for the post! That 9-5 with the door handles off open w/remote acuators. Very nice cars throughout the show. Great weather and turnout.

  6. Does anyone have a clue as to where I could find the front plate featured in the first photo???
    “Find your own road”
    I have been searching the internet but I cant find anything…

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