Team Ethanol have a blog

As suspected, those Flickr photos weren’t just for the folks at Flickr to have a look at.

Team Ethanol have a blog.

The World Solar Challenge is starting today, so this will be a good way to keep up with their progress.

With regard to the fuel consumption question, i.e whether or not they’re carrying enough to complete the full 3,000 kms, I think this video will answer our questions.

If you couldn’t be bothered watching, they’ll be doing half the trip on E85 and half the trip on regular gasoline. This will give them comparative figures for the two fuels, which is something that should be quite interesting to see.

Good luck, Team Ethanol. We’ll be watching!

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  1. So they’re only driving half of the way on E85 and the rest of the way on E0 to compare the two fuel economy numbers?

    I’m no mathematician, but that seems to me to mean that over the whole run it’ll be as if they did it on E42.5, right? 😉

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